Makeup tip-How to create the “Cat Eye” Look

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Besame_beauty_tipBeen away for a few days attending some of the fun events at the Hukilau in Fort Lauderdale. When I returned I found my latest newsletter from Besame Cosmetics in my inbox, which I highly recommend you sign up for as there is always helpful information and notices about upcoming specials.  Their vintage style products are superb and they always send you little complimentary samples with your orders.

This recent newsletter gives instructions on how to apply your makeup to create the sophisticated "cat eye" made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the 50s. Thought I’d share some of their helpful hints on how to get this glamorous look.

1. Make sure to apply moisturizer to the eyelid, as it helps get a cleaner eyeliner line. Then add concealer where needed for dark circles, blemishes or other problem areas.(for me that would pretty much mean everywhere!)

2.For a true Audrey look the brows need to be full, and somewhat square shaped toward the center, then tapering off to a point. Fill with brown pencil

3.Apply neutral beige shadow over the entire lid, then define the crease of the eye with dark brown shadow.Use black liquid liner across top of lash line, extending the line slightly upwards at the edges. Line should be a little thicker in the middle of the eyelid and dark pencil can be used to fill in any spaces between the lashes (I can see myself poking my eye out now!) Lower lid should be lined from the middle out to the edge, meeting the top line. They also suggest applying a full set of false eyelashes, then black mascara.

This method of applying eyeliner is sure to take a little practice, but if it makes you look even remotely like Audrey Hepburn, then it’s well worth the effort!

In case you’re more into Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton , I  also found some great makeup tips on how to get the "cat eye" look in an ultra Mod, 60s way from Smashbox Cosmetics.

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