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Want to know what the biggest news events were on the day you were born? How about the top songs, tv shows or which famous people were born on the same day? 

There’s an interesting web tool called the Time Capsule that will tell you all that and more, just by typing in any date you chose.  There’s even an advanced search feature that you can customize. I’m thinking the information could be used to make a great  personalized birthday card. Or if you’re a real crafty DIY  person, a decoupaged plaque or perhaps a customized scrapbook, with the information along with accompanying snapshots.

Don’t want to give away my age, but when I put in my birthdate this is what I discovered-

Milk was 92 cents a gallon
Minimum wage was 75 cents an hour
Gas was 29 cents a gallon
The average car cost $1950.00
The Dow Average was a whopping 488
Rock around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets was a top 10 hit
The Honeymooners was a top tv show
I share the same birthdate as William Randolph Hearst and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Try it. It’s sure to bring back lots of memories. Good ones, I hope!

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  1. LOVELY site! I love the Time Capsule tool, and your ideas on things we can use it on. I’ll definitely be putting one of those ideas to work for my next birthday gift.

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