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Yesterday I discovered this great indie style blog named  Modish . And I needed to share because Jena showcases some of the most beautifully handcrafted indie designer stuff I’ve seen, much  of it vintage inspired.

A quote directly from her site explains very nicely what you can find there.
"Modish (mō’dĭsh) is a stylish blog for indie shoppers. I ignore the
stale, the overdone. I am not interested in the mass-produced or
mass-marketed. I am for the independent craftsperson, designer,
shopper, creator and artist. I show you the goods that are made by
hand, created with attention and intention. Modish is about style the
indie way- the way it was meant to be".

The next time you need a special gift,  I beg you not to go to the mall and buy one of the millions of unimaginative china imports that all the big chain stores insist on carrying. Just check out this blog. This is the kind of place where you’re sure to find something exquisitely unique and help support the independent designer as well.

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