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This season designers have been showcasing gloves as the perfect complement to their 50s and 60s inspired polished ladylike silhouettes.    Not those bulky,
fleece lined things, mind you,  but sleek kidskin leather,
velvet or cashmere ones, that will add instant classic glamour to any outfit.   They look especially smart when worn with cropped, bracelet length sleeves.

Here’s a great example from Anne Klein’s fall/winter collection.


And here are some images I scanned from a 1959 issue of L’Officiel.   Ladies, we are talking some serious chic-ness here,  with the gloves being an integral part of the overall sophistication of the outfits.  Of course,  I can’t even begin to delve into the fabulous hat styles. That’s a subject for another post!





Jean Patou



So if want to rock this ladylike look, then you’ll find plenty of great glove choices online this year.  Present a pair of gloves to a favorite female this holiday season. What used to be a safe, although somewhat boring choice for gift giving, is now considered the ultra chic must have accessory of the year.   Also, authentic gloves from the 50s and 60s can usually be found at vintage clothing boutiques for very reasonable prices.

Here’s a gorgeous pair from Coach  in orange trimmed hot pink leather,  with a cool zippered pocket.  $298.00Coach_gloves

Sleek, black leather zippered gloves from Urban Outfitters   $48.00


Turquoise cashmere beauties from Nordstrom’s.  Also comes in a bunch of other yummy colors.  $42.00

Vintage navy kidskin leather gloves from Blue Velvet Vintage   $22.99


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  1. mmmm gloves. the ones from coach are so lovely and it doesn’t hurt they’re lined with cashmere!

    great blog–i’m linking to you from mine. so happy to see another smart writer on vintage fashion.

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