Favorite Photos of 40’s Hats

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I collect lots of vintage fashion magazines and books for educational purposes,  but especially enjoy looking at the beautiful photos and illustrations. Just thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures of women’s hats from the 1940’s. 

It’s unfortunate that we don’t wear beautiful hats much anymore. I guess it’s because these type of hats look too formal to fit in with our more casual lifestyles.   But people took more care with their appearance back then and hats were masterpieces of design that really completed an outfit, adding the perfect finishing touch of elegance, sophistication and glamour.  Desirable attributes that, in my opinion,  are lacking in our modern day society based on the extreme disregard for personal appearance I witness on a daily basis! 

Paris hats from the Worth and Bruyere collections. Photo from L’Officiel  Magazine Summer 1941


Hats by Lilly Dache and Hattie Carnegie. American Vogue Spring 1942


Hats from the Jean Patou Paris wartime collection L’Officiel Magazine Summer 1941


Christian Dior hat designed by Sygur, French Vogue,  Fall 1947


The next two photos are fashion illustrations of hats from the 1943 Paris spring collection, designs by Gabrielle and Bruyere. La Femme Chic Spring issue 1943



If anyone reading this post ever ventures out wearing lovely vintage hats such as these,  please let us know the reaction you get.

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Photos of 40’s Hats

  1. Aren’t vintage hats great? That ‘s so cool that you actually wear the ones you have in your collection. Many collectors just display them.
    Glad you like my blog. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I own a LOT of hats, most vintage, including a few 40s ones like these (a tilt hat with an ostrich feather, an asymmetrical wool felt, toques – you can see them on my own fashion blog).

    There is a lot of eccentric fashion where I live and hang out in Melbourne, Australia, so I don’t notice much reaction when I wear hats. Sometimes people comment favourably if the hat is particularly fabulous, or I just catch them staring!

    Any type of fur item – I have a couple of vintage fur caps/hats – is definitely NOT looked on with favour by many.

    â€ĶI discovered your blog and shop whilst researching a post for myself, and really like it. Will come back often! :)

  3. Amen about the lack of care about appearance in public! Sometimes I am horrified at what people wear in public these days.

    On the other hand I am thankful that I can run out to the Walgreens on the corner for a bottle of diet coke and a roll of paper towels in a big t-shirt and capris with a bandana on my head because I did not feel like doing my hair. If I had to put on a dress, my make up, hose, proper shoes, a hat, and gloves before running a fast errand like that I might get a little cranky on occasion.

    I guess my point is dressing nice and looking good is fabulous but so is the freedom not too 😉

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