A Visual Vintage Treat-Nicole Kidman’s period costumes for Australia

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Picked up the latest issue of Vogue while on the road for my summer buying trip.  So I settled down in my hotel room anxious to peruse the spread of Nicole Kidman in Catherine Martin’s exquiste costumes designed for her latest film, Australia.  And  I was not disappointed.  It’s a magical combination of Annie Leibovitz photography and the beautiful Nicole wearing outfits by the woman who also designed the amazing costumes for “Moulin Rouge”.

The movie takes place in Australia in the 1940’s and involves a love affair between an aristocratic Englishwoman, played by Nicole, and the rugged, hunky Hugh Jackman.  I’ve included a clip below on the costume design for the film, where you get a chance to admire his tighfitting moleskins. Lord have mercy! The movie’s worth going to just to see him.

Anyway, onto the Vogue spread. Here’s the cover shot. This gown has already been recreated and is being sold at Bergdorf Goodman for $9800.00. Salvatore Ferragamo has also recreated a line of vintage style shoes from the movie.


I absolutely adore these costumes.  Ms.Martin’s designs captured Lady Sarah Ashley’s character so well. Even the safari outfit is ladylike and classy.

Kidman 1

Kidman 2

Kidman 3

Kidman 5

Couldn’t resist adding this one.  As if it wasn’t hot enough in the Australian outback already!

Kidman 4

Film clip on costume design for the movie.

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