Our vintage reproduction dress big hit at 40’s event

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It's always exciting when customers email me about how happy they are with their purchases from my website, especially if they include details about a special occasion they wore an outfit for, compliments received, etc. But I'm doubly thrilled if they send pictures of themselves wearing what they bought. 

Two recent emails from a satisfied customer included all of the above, and made me so happy, I just had to share.  She purchased two of our vintage reproduction halter dresses for a 40s event that she and her husband were attending. Her first email after receiving the dresses said……

"I already received my order today!  The dresses are AWESOME!  I love the fabric
and the authentic style! THank YOU!
I will take pics of my husband and I
at our event and then email them onto you!"

And after their event, I received the following….

Our weekend was a huge success!  The dress I wore had an amazing
response! In fact, I won a costume contest in it!"

She also forwarded these unbelievably cool photos of herself and her husband at the event and gave me permission to post them on my site.  She's wearing our red, white and blue daisy print halter dress and looks absolutely adorable in it.

40s party 3 

40s party 2 

40s party 4

I know I don't speak just for myself when I say,  feedback like this for an online retailer makes all the hard work and long hours it takes to run our sites worthwhile.  The orders come in and we pack and ship them off,  very often never getting an opportunity to interact directly with the customer.  Though there are many advantages to having an ecommerce clothing business, you do miss that face to face interaction you get in a bricks and mortar store.  If you love fashion, then you can imagine how much fun it can be to help a customer put together an outfit for a special event! That's why letters and photos such as these are so appreciated and mean so much. It helps to personalize the online experience for us, and our customers.

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