The Marilyn Monroe Collection

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marilyn-collectionA while back I posted about a black cocktail dress owned by Marilyn Monroe that was up for auction.  Just recently I received a comment on the post from the lucky gentleman who actually won the auction!

Turns out he also has a website called the Marilyn Monroe Collection, and a blog “dedicated to keeping the legend of Marilyn Monroe alive”. So I immediately jumped over there to have a look.

So for those of you interested in  Marilyn and her glamorous iconic style, then check it out. There are all kinds of interesting facts about the screen legend, plus a photo gallery of memorabilia acquired by  Scott, the site’s owner.  There is even a page of “Marilynisms”,  famous quotes,  of which one of my favorites is “I’m not interested in money, I just want to be wonderful.” And that she certainly was!

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