The Must Have Vintage Shopping Guide

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Vintage Shopping Guide by Melody Fortier

Vintage Shopping Guide by Melody Fortier

Wearing vintage clothing is becoming increasingly popular. With so many new collectors entering the market it was high time someone came out with a shopping guide to help demystify the whole process.

Fellow Vintage Fashion Guild member and owner of the fabulous Tangerine Boutique, Melody Fortier,  has just published a brilliant little book called “The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping”.  I know Melody personally, and can unequivocally vouch for her professionalism and extensive knowledge in the field of vintage fashion.

Her book covers shopping tips for vintage clothing and accessories, how to spot the really good stuff, sizing, care and cleaning information,  how to indentify the styles of certain eras,  online shopping, lists of brick and mortar stores worldwide and creative ways to wear and even repurpose vintage clothes.

This is a must have for lovers of vintage fashion who want to become  more educated vintage consumers!

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