Red & Green Vintage Holiday Fashions

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Have been surfing around on the “internets” , as one of my favorite funny men,  Stephen Colbert, likes to call it, looking for fabulously festive red and green vintage fashions that are perfect for wearing this holiday season.   I love looking at stuff and blog posts give me a perfect excuse to do it!

My first pick is this amazing 50’s dress from Fast Eddie’s Retro Rags with gorgeous red roses and green leaves that really pop against the white background.  Just add a little red cardigan, red jewelry,  and of course, red heels and lipstick and you’ll be the classiest doll on Christmas Day!

Red rose print 50's dress

Red rose print 50's dress-34b 26w $10.00

Now,  for the fancy schmancy shindig,  like an honest to goodness white tie event, how about this incredible red satin 50’s ball gown from Couture Allure Vintage? Definitely calls for opera length gloves and really glittery necklace and earrings.


50's red satin gown - 36b 26w $450.00

And if you prefer the sleek lines of the 70’s, here’s a slinky rhinestone embellished  deep forest green jersey halter gown from Blue Velvet Vintage.  The style is a nod to the 1940s era, which was very common to the styles of the 1970s.   The waistband is rhinestone accented with the words “La Vive” , meaning  bright or vivacious, which is just what you’ll be when you  sashay out the door in this sexy little number!

70's green jersey knit gown-34b  262  $165.00

70's green jersey knit gown-34b 26w- $165.00

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