French Designer Suits-Fall/Winter 1959

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In a previous post I featured some stunning evening dresses from a September 1959 issue I have of L’Officiel, the French luxury fashion magazine. This time I’d like to share some photos of  chic designer suits featured in the same issue.   These are some seriously classy looking outfits.  IMO much more attractive  than the huge shoulder padded  power suits worn in the 80s, especially those excessively bejeweled “Dynasty” abominations.   To complete an outfit  in 1959,   hats, gloves and shoes with a matching purse was still the way to go, and would remain a key look  into the  mid  1960s.

The suit below was designed by Guy Laroche.  The fabric is a faux fur made from “crylor”,  an acrylic fiber made in France.

Faux fur suit by Guy Laroche 1959

Faux fur suit by Guy Laroche 1959

The two piece dress suit was a very popular pulled together look, with matching coat, jacket or sometimes a cape.

This wool flannel ensemble is by Dior.

dior two piece dress ensemble

Dior wool flannel dress ensemble-1959

Lanvin Castillo suit is stunning, but really wish I knew who designed this hat and the one in the image below!

Black wool skirt and fitted jacket with side button closure and ocelot collar.

lanvin castello suit

Lanvin Castillo suit with ocelot collar-1959

Plum color wool suit by Pierre Cardin.

Love the way the outfit is showcased against the orange, black and white tile background.

pierre cardin plum wool suit

Pierre Cardin plum wool suit-1959

And then there are the cocktail suits.

Nina Ricci matelasse brocade dress ensemble.

Nina Ricci matelasse brocade cocktail suit1959

Nina Ricci matelasse brocade cocktail suit-1959

Black lace  dress ensemble by Jacques Heim.

Jacques Heim black lace cocktail suit

Jacques Heim black lace cocktail suit-1959

Amazing silver beaded dress suit  with otter lined jacket.  By Guy Laroche.

Guy Larouche cocktail suit

Guy Laroche silver beaded cocktail suit-1959

Another from Guy Laroche. Silver and gold brocade 7/8 coat with mink collar and matching skirt.

Guy Laroche cocktail suit

Guy Laroche brocade and mink cocktail suit-1959

Now, my question is, if you had to go to a swanky party or even an important business dinner at some five star restaurant, would you wear an outfit like this if you could get your hands on one?

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  1. Lovely blog. I invite you to visit mine,, in which I plow through the October 15, 1959 issue of Vogue, page by page. Just now, I’ve hit pages of brocade cocktail dressing, unfortunately NOT up to the quality of the French designers. But, yes, I actually looked up upcoming galas in the local paper to see if I could crash a minor one in a damned nice suit. Nice work!

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