Vintage Diversity-The Most Fun Vintage Store in South Florida

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Every now and then I like to do a post featuring a cool vintage shopping destination.  And today I’d like to showcase one of my favorite  stores, Vintage Diversity,  right down here in sunny South Florida.

If you love vintage clothing and home decor and you happen to find yourself in the area, do yourself a great big favor and drop by this mecca of mid century marvels.

A  costume store, vintage clothing boutique and retro culture museum all rolled into one.  You can wander around in there for hours looking at all the fun stuff owner  Melanie Garbo Byrnes  has collected over the years.  Much of it for sale, of course!  There is so much groovylicious stuff to choose from that there is no way you can leave this place without buying something. Very reasonably priced, I may add.  So you can really stock up!

And, in case you happen to have a retro themed party to attend while you’re in town, they’ll deck you out from head to toe in authentic vintage attire that you can rent for your event.

Not only are there are racks, upon racks of vintage clothes for both men and women, there are literally thousands of accessories to complete any outfit.

Vintage clothing collection vintage diversity

Vintage wear at Vintage Diversity

Does any of this bring back childhood memories?

vintage diversity retro decor

Retro decor at Vintage Diversity

The creative Ms. Melanie also does a fabulous job of putting together kitschy cool displays that are little windows into the past.

Both for for your viewing AND shopping pleasure!

Vintage vingnettes

Check out their Facebook page to see photos of happy customers Melanie and her staff have dressed for vintage themed events.

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