Harvey Berin/Karen Stark-Featured Designer Label

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Just in time for the holidays,  I recently acquired a gorgeous red carpet worthy green silk satin evening gown with the Harvey Berin/Karen Stark Label.   You don’t come across this label too often, even though Mr. Berin was in business from 1921 to 1970.   His clothes have become quite popular with vintage clothing collectors.

Harvey Berin’s wife, Augusta, invested the money her husband needed to start his business.  He then hired his sister in law, Karen Stark, as his designer.  Their high end ready to wear fashions were adaptations of Paris designs and are always ladylike and timeless. Karen Stark even won a prestigious Coty Fashion Award in 1952.

A favorite among first ladies, Berin’s elegant gowns have been worn by  Pat Nixon and Ladybird Johnson.

So for a couture look without the couture price, Harvey Berin/Karen Stark designs are a great choice!

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harvey berin karen stark gown

Green silk satin evening gown-Harvey Berin/Karen Stark label

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