Vintage Theme Wedding Invitations

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Weddings with a vintage theme are becoming increasingly popular. It’s not surprising,  since more and more brides are looking  for unique ways to make their special day especially memorable.  And many girls who plan on wearing a vintage or retro wedding dress also want a celebration that reflects their appreciation of the romance and nostalgia of days gone by.

Part of pulling together a vintage themed wedding includes having the proper invitations to complement the vintage vibe you are going for.  And  a great place to get creative retro style wedding invitations is from Vintage Wedding   From the same clever people at Retro Gift Ideas who I wrote about in a previous post on retro party invites and gifts.

Below are examples of their various invitations, including a Vintage Vegas wedding, Fabulous Fifties, Art Deco, Classic 40s and Hooray for Hollywood.  They’re so adorable I think I may have get married again so I can order some!

Vintage wedding invitations

Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

Of course, they offer the whole matchy matchy she-bang, including RSVP’s, directions cards, save that date magnets with the bride and groom picture on it, thank you notes,etc.

Retro Wedding Invitations

More Vintage Wedding Invitations

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