In Praise of Slips

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Recently while watching Butterfield 8, starring the late, great Elizabeth Taylor, I got to thinking about how the slip has fallen from favor.  After doing some extensive market research (putting the words “wearing” and “slip” into a google search box)  I discovered the top three reasons for this .

1. A lot of the clothing worn today has linings, so lessening the demand for slips.

2. Like “granny panties”, they are considered very old fashioned.  After all, grandmothers wore them!

3. The growing trend with young women to much less modesty,  many preferring to expose as many body parts as they can get away with, just short of being arrested for indecent exposure! Slips are a definite deterrent to this look.

Ok, first of all I encourage any woman under the age of 30 to watch Butterfield 8 or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  That Liz Taylor could really rock a slip in a big,  bad, sexy way.  Positive proof that leaving something to the imagination can be much sexier than throwing it all out there.

Back in the day, many dresses and skirts  weren’t lined, or they were made in sheer fabrics.  So a slip was needed for the sake of modesty.  But the same holds true for today. There is still plenty of clothing made  that could benefit from a slip beneath.  They’re great under clingy dresses, especially those  “dreaded” full slips!   They definitely smooth things out and make your clothes hang much better.  If you haven’t tried one,  I strongly suggest you do. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much nicer your clothes look on you.

One of the more puzzling things I read on the internet was how many girls would only buy lined skirts and dresses to wear,  so as not to have to suffer the discomfort of wearing a slip.  Didn’t get the logic in that,  as a lining is basically just a slip sewn into your clothing and often not in near as nice a fabric as many slips are made in. So I felt they were limiting their fashion choices.

Anyway, I am a big fan of slips and wear them often, even for hanging around the house!   I favor vintage slips, of course, and have a sizable collection.  In my mind, they are quite glamorous and sexy in a understated, classy way.

Below are  pictures that I hope will inspire the anti slips chicks to give them a chance!

Elizabeth Taylor rocks the slip

Kayser slips Advertisement 1960 McCalls

Kayser slips Advertisement 1960 McCalls

slips 1954 glamour magazine

Slips 1954 glamour magazine

petticoat slips 1959 speigel catalog

Petticoats and half slips 1959 speigel catalog

Lacy slips 1959 Speigel Catalog

Pretty lacy and ruffled slips 1959 Speigel Catalog

Check out Her Room for a great selection of slips. I just purchased  lovely cotton batiste half slips in both black and white that are soooo comfortable to wear, even in the Florida heat. Also, You can shop for vintage slips and other lingerie at Blue Velvet Vintage.







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5 thoughts on “In Praise of Slips

  1. I have a small wardrobe of modern and vintage slips and always wear them appropriately with skirts and dresses. I occasionally make slips for myself and keep lingerie fabrics and supplies on hand. I love them and have always worn them. My appreciation of vintage undergarments deepened in the 80s when I worked at a vintage clothing store. I love an exquisitely crafted slip and have worn them as dresses. I occasionally upcycle vintage slips into garments that can be worn as both underwear and apparel or somewhere in between as a slip meant to show. I do not think of slips as dated or out of style. In fact, slips should be making a comeback soon with the intelligent greening of our wardrobes. Slips, as mentioned in the previous comment, do protect our skin from the clothing. Similarly, slips protect our clothing from perspiration, skin oils and all of those girly products we apply to beautify ourselves. They help our clothing last longer (less waste) and keep it cleaner longer (less harmful chemicals in the environment).

  2. I wear a lot of vintage clothes, usually with a slip underneath. I don’t understand why people would think a slip is uncomfortable?! They’re soft and silky – and quite sexy in my opinion! A lot of my dresses are difficult to wash, or needs dry cleaning. When wearing a slip (which is easier to wash) underneath, the dresses needs to be washed less often than if I wore them directly next to my skin :)

  3. I have always thought that a slip was a comfortable lining between my skin and sometimes scratchy fabric. I can’t abide wearing a wool skirt without a slip. I like having a peek of lace at my knee and consider it classy. I was the generation that began to wear pants in high school, so I am an oldie but a goody! If I looked as good as Liz, I would wear that slip outdoors and stop traffic, in a grand way.

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