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We all remember her in “Love Story”, the heart wrenching film that really catapulted her acting career.  But before that, Ali MacGraw was also a fashion model and trendsetter with her own unique style.  Combining bohemian, vintage flair and preppy chic, she was certainly one of the most famous fashion icons of the 60s and 70s.  Her look has a timeless appeal and she has inspired many designers, including Michael Kors and Robert Cavalli.

Below are some shots of her modelling for Vogue in 1969, right after filming “Goodbye, Columbus.”

Apparently she was known for designing and sewing her own clothes.  And she certainly had a knack for utilizing textiles in unusual, creative ways.  Heck, she  even used secondhand tablecloths as skirts!

So the Stevens Fabrics  company gave her some of their fabrics and let her put together some designs for them, and the following two pix are her modelling the results!  Note how the plaid has been turned on the diagonal for the front panel of the dress. Very nice effect!  The print head wrap and spectator mary jane pumps are a perfect complement to this fabulous day dress with its 20s/30s vibe.

Ali MacGraw Vogue 1969  30s inspired dress in plaid wool flannel

Ali MacGraw Vogue 1969 in 20s/30s inspired dress in plaid wool flannel

Remember how popular knickers were back then?  Did you (or your Mom)  have a pair? Well here’s Ali sporting some in plaid, with a classic argyle vest.  Love the knit cap and fringed purse, very similar to styles you see in all the stores these days!

Ali Mac Graw vogue 1969

Ali MacGraw in plaid knickers and argyle sweater-For Stevens Fabrics Vogue 1969

Sportswear done in dressier satin fabric was really big back in the late 60s/early 70s.  I remember wearing satin hot pants, satin blouses, satin skirts, satin pants, you name it. If it was satin, I bought! A must have look for dancing at the disco!  So these next two photos really caught my eye.   Take a casual mini dress, add black satin and you’ve got a sexy, fun, evening outfit.  BTW, take a look at the textured tights. Fabulous, no?  And how about that stretch metal belt?  I know I had several.  Wish I knew what happened to them.

alie mcgraw vogue 1969 Lace up black satin mini dress Scott Barrie

Ali MacGraw in black satin lace up mini dress by Scott Barrie-Vogue 1969

ali mcgraw vogue 1969 Black satin dress by Raffaele

Ali MacGraw in black satin shirtwaist mini dress by Raffaele worn with silver stretch belt. Vogue 1969


As her producer/ex husband, Robert Evans stated about her ”  Style, unlike fashion, cannot be bought nor taught. You either have it or you don’t.'”


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