Dressing like a Lady in Downton Abbey Style

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The popularity of the Downton Abbey series has been making inroads into the fashion world, and I must say I’m pleased and relieved!   Just check out this  article/ slideshow via the Washington Post,   showing designers’ interpretations of  Downton Abbey inspired fashion.  If  this ladylike look  has hit the runway, then hopefully we’ll be seeing a trickle down effect into mainstream fashion. The more period dramas  like  Downton Abbey, Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire influence women to dress in a more classy manner the happier I am!

In this era of  muffin tops, G-strings sticking out the top of  low rise jeans and miniskirts and dresses that cover less than what they  give you to put on in the exam room at your doctor’s office, it would be refreshing to see a little more modesty.   In my humble opinion, when it comes to flesh exposure, less is definitely more!   A  little mystery is so much more interesting and enticing  than throwing it all out there at once.

Which brings me back to this whole  turn of the century style resurgence. Now it may not catch on in a big enough way for these looks  to show up in all the cheesy fast fashion chain stores. But I’m hoping we do see more alternatives for  ladies and girls looking for something different and classic.  And  these types of silhouettes would be flattering on a variety of figures.

Here are a couple of photos of the ladies from Downton Abbey. Lovely!  Now of course, these are photos of more formal type dresses. But you can find more casual  fashions that are in the spirit of these feminine fashions. Over at the New Noblewoman blog, she has a post with some nice suggestions for everyday wear!

Downtown Abbey fashion

Downtown Abbey fashion

Laura Carmichael, Michelle Dockery and Jessica Brown Findlay

But since my business specializes in dressing women for vintage themed special events and weddings,  I put together a dressier look that would be perfect for a Downton Abbey inspired garden party or informal wedding.

Downton Abbey inspired party dress

Downton Abbey inspired party dress

 Dress $175.00. Also available in ivory and sage greenLace gloves $10.99, T strap heels  $59.95, crystal drop earrings  $24.99, beaded purse  $49.00, hat 54.00.

What do you  think of this  more modest ladylike look?

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2 thoughts on “Dressing like a Lady in Downton Abbey Style

  1. Thanks! And I totally agree that classy dressing promotes more gentlemanly behavior! It would be nice to see more ladylike dressing catch on in a bigger way.

  2. Huzzah! Yes Theresa, I whole heartedly agree. I enjoy being the “fairer sex” and being treated like a lady. Perhaps a little bit of lady-like garb will bring about a resurgence of door opening by the gentlemen of today! I grew up in a time when if I wore a dress instead of jeans – my “friends” would say “What are you dressed up for?” Well, I am dressed up to celebrate today. It is the only “today” you will have and life is not a dress rehearsal! Love BlueVelvetVintage!

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