Happy Customer Dressed for a 1920s Wedding

Check out this swanky photo of Blue Velvet Vintage customer, Karla, wearing one of our  beaded flapper style dresses as the bridesmaid in her best friend’s 20s themed wedding.  Karla’s husband also got into the spirit looking quite dapper in his 1920s vintage suit and bow tie. Looks like he just stepped out of an episode of Boardwalk Empire.  Nucky Thompson’s got nothing on this guy!

Karla told us, “ At first I wasn’t sure I could pull it off with my long hair, and didn’t want to do a fake bob. But with the feather headband (I got it on Etsy), and curling my hair, I think I pulled it off well. The wedding was beautiful and everyone asked us about the dresses and thought we looked great! I felt lucky to have a husband who was all for dressing up with me.”    

And we couldn’t agree more. They certainly make  a stunning Jazz Age couple! Thanks for sharing, Karla!

1920s theme wedding clothing

Customer Karla and husband are the Bees Knees in 1920s themed wedding attire!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Customer Dressed for a 1920s Wedding

  1. Hey Diane, a guy dressed in vintage is always the ultimate accessory! Jessica, black is becoming very popular as a wedding color. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to comment Have a great vintage inspired day:)

  2. What a smashingly well dressed couple! Her dress is gorgeous – I love that she married in a black outfit. White is wonderful and undoubtedly traditional, but it’s great to see brides venture out into other colours sometimes too.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Marvelous – what a great look. Such fun to have a guy that is up for some vintage fashion. I am sure they both got a lot of attention. Beautiful Dress!

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