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Shades of the 30s in 50s Fashions


Here is a fashion spread from a 1957 issue of McCall’s magazine that shows the cutest summer dresses and playsuits inspired by the 1930s.  Just goes to show that no matter what the era, designers always look back for inspiration.

The author of the article states “For you who nostalgically remember the thirties, for you missed them entirely: a wonderful second chance to wear those flirty fashions with young, easy lines and insouciant fit-preferably with T-strap shoes and a cloche!”



My favorites are the V necked dropped waist striped dress by Donald Brooks on the far right of first photo,  the adorable nautical dress at left on second photo, by Jerry Gilden.(never met a Jerry Gilden I didn’t like!) and the two playsuits on right.

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