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Fantastic Plastic- Vintage Lucite Jewelry


One of my favorite things to collect is vintage lucite costume jewelry.  Many people think of lucite as being clear, but it actually can be tinted many different shades.  I especially love all the various colors and shapes because they remind me of candy!  Except for pieces like the highly collectible “Jelly Bellies”, it’s still somewhat plentiful and not anywhere near as pricey as bakelite.

After doing a little research I discovered Lucite was invented by the Dupont Company around 1936.  It was used extensively by the military during World War II.  After that it was marketed strictly for decorative purposes.It’s a type of acrylic resin referred to as a “thermoset plastic”, which means, like bakelite, it cures irreversibly into a stronger form once it has been heated and molded.

Below are a couple of sets I picked up recently. These fun pieces look quite fabulous with vintage sundresses.  But this type of jewelry would also add an interesting and whimsical touch to a contemporary outfit.

Red thermoset

Pink thermoset 2

Here’s an unusual pink lucite bracelet with flamingoes. Offered by Bitz of Glitz  for   $75.99

Lucite flamingo bracelet-1

Blue moonstone lucite and rhinestone grape brooch from Milky Way Jewels  $36.00

Blue moonstone lucite pin

Laminated multi color lucite cuff bracelet. For sale at Loukie’s World   $75.00

Lucite cuff bracelet

Cherry red lucite and silvertone necklace from Deja Vu Collectible Jewelry    $35.00

Cherry red thermoset necklace

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