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Dita’s Divine Deco Diggs-In Style Magazine Feb. 2011


Now I know why I’ll never be able to move into my dream house. Because Dita Von Teese is living in it!

This month’s In Style Magazine has a whole spread dedicated to the  burlesque beauty’s swanky retro home .  And just like her, it oozes gorgeous, girly, vintage glamour.   Am totally loving the whole luxurious “Old Hollywood” deco look she’s got going on, and the pink 50s kitchen.  TDF!

Couldn’t you picture Jean Harlow lounging around in a boudoir like this? And how about the exquisite Jenny Packham gown Dita is wearing?  That blush pink shade  is super flattering and looks perfect against all the silver and gray in the background. A stunning shot.

Dita in front of her mirrored 1940s vanity

Dita's glamorous silver boudoir

Dita's silver screen glamour boudoir

Ok,what red blooded female wouldn’t give her right arm for these shoes and a closet like this to store them in? Note the beautiful chinese lantern light fixture.

Shoe closet of my dreams!The living room and library have art deco furntiure done in  gorgeous teal and deep plum velvets.  Dita says she likes to decorate in colors that she looks good in. Makes perfect sense to me!

Dita living room

Dita's living room and study

Of course ,  after a strenuous night of splashing around in a giant champagne glass, it’s nice to be able to relax  in a fab pink 1950s kitchen, whipping up cookies and coq au vin for your boyfriend.

Pretty pink kitchen

1950s pretty pink kitchen

Dita loves to shop flea markets in search of  vintage finds and, of course, has a tons of authentic vintage dresses. Some of her favorite collectibles are head vases, 1940s tilt hats and vintage brooches.   And she says her best finds in clothing came from the Midwest when she travelled through there working strip clubs in the early 90s.

She sure has come a long way since then!

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Vintage Inspirations for Fall/Winter 2007


The hottest fashions on the  runways for the fall/winter season take much of their influence from the deco 1920s and  film noir 1940s.  Ladylike is in, covered up, but with sexy figure hugging silhouettes.  Knits, lots of gray and purple and low waisted, flapper style dresses.  Hats and gloves are the must have accessories.

Vintage seller, Denisebrain ,  has put together a fantastic collage, showcasing a stunning collection of authentic vintage clothing that reflects the current trends.

Visit the Vintage  Fashion Guild website to learn how to get this season’s hottest looks the vintage way!

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