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Vintage Style Picks-40’s Look High Waist Wide Leg Pants


Finally designers are showing interpretations of the high waisted, wide leg pants that were popular in the 1940s.  And any ex-disco queen will remember this style was also resurrected in the 1970s. I personally feel they’re much more flattering for a wider range of  figures than the ultra low rise pants we’ve been seeing for so long.  So it’s nice to know there are now more options out there.  Since there’s no telling when this trend will come around again, vintage style loving ladies are advised to buy up as many pairs as they can. Especially since authentic vintage ones are nearly impossible to find.

Here are some of my favorites.

Victoria’s Secret high waist pant  now on sale for only $59.50


These pants from Speigel have a V yoke with drop pleating for a very flattering fit.   $49.00


Diane Von Furstenburg  "Kate" pants  $345.00


Fabulous 40s reproduction pants from Revamp Vintage  in black faille crepe $100.00


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