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Orange Appeal


Orange is the first color that comes to mind when you think of Halloween and the autumn season in general.  So I thought I’d show some cute vintage dresses featuring this fiery fall color.   It’s a bold shade that’s impossible to feel ambivalent about. You either absolutely love it or hate it. Of course, there are the safe variations,  like cinnamon, pumpkin and peach that are not such a big fashion risk.  But stepping out in a neon bright, tangerine outfit is a completely different story all together.  It takes some serious fashion confidence to pull it off.

Clothing in bright "Halloween" orange is not seen that often in current fashion.   But if you truly adore it, you can usually count on finding it in vintage clothing from the 60s and 70s, as it was a very hot color back then.  And if you’re just not ready to take the complete plunge into orange madness, why not at least try something that has it has an accent? It really sets off darker colors quite nicely!

Here’s a striking 70s mod dress from Smokydiva  with great loops and lacing detail.


Yummy espresso brown 70s sweater dress with orange striped midriff from Ikonic Vintage


60s silk mini dress in a lovely fall color combination from Robin Clayton Vintage


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