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1925 Spring Easter Fashions-Delineator Magazine


The graphics and fashion illustrations in older magazines are fantastic. Before the age of fashion photography and photoshop, clothing designs for print had to rendered by hand.  Here is a sampling of illustrations for Easter fashions from an April 1925 Delineator Magazine.  And these were all from Butterick patterns, so women could sew up these lovely outfits themselves. Imagine that?

Notice the hemlines. Many people assume all fashions from the 1920s were shorter, like the flapper girls wore. But as you can see, that’s not the case.

spring fashions april 1925 delineator magazine

Spring fashions from 1925 Delineator Magazine

spring fashions 1925 delineator magazine

Spring ensembles featuring capes and coats-1925 Delineator Magazine

Dresses were often a straight, shift style, with a dropped waist.  Skirts often had assymetrical or handkerchief hems.

spring dresses 1925 delineator magazine

Dresses for spring from April 1925 Delineator Magazine

And here are pictures of children’s fashions for Easter.

childrens easter fashions 1925

Easter fashions for children-April 1925 Delineator Magazine

Can’t  forget the hats! Cloches and wide brimmed were popular. According to the article, popular colors for spring/summer included purple, fuschia, brick, biscuit, powder blue and green, hydrangea pink and blue. The new trimmings were flowers, feather fancies, grosgrain ribbon, ornaments of crystal, marcasite or rhinestones.

hats 1925 delineator magazine

Ladies Hats from April 1925 Delineator Magazine

In my next post I’ll show some fabulous illustrations of bridal fashions from the same issue.

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50’s Frederick’s of Hollywood Dress Ad


After reading titillating tales such as "Unacceptable Bride",  "Primitive Kisses" and "Out to Expose Her"  in  my July 1953 issue of "Secrets" magazine, I came across this great  Frederick’s of Hollywood  dress ad on one of the back pages.


Check out these seductive creations that Frederick’s used to sell by mail order.  I love the name of the one on the right,  "Danger Ahead".

Mr. Mellinger, founder of the company, was  determined to turn every American woman into a bombshell.  These provocative evening dresses were designed specifically tp attract the opposite sex. 

Here’s a quote about the company’s owner from the  Reference for Business website

"Mellinger, who came to be known as "Mr. Frederick" among his clientele,
soon began to specialize in figure-enhancing foundations and
accessories. He designed his first push-up bra, dubbed the "Rising
Star," in 1948. Fanny pads, girdles, sky-high heeled shoes, hosiery,
wigs, false eyelashes, even head pads to achieve the illusion of
height–anything necessary to achieve "Frederick’s figure balancing
act"–followed in the years to come. The company even offered an
inflatable bra that came complete with a "free straw." The catalogs and
stores later added glamorous evening wear, much of it designed by Mr.
Frederick himself. The garments featured daring necklines, high slits,
and sheer fabrics intended to appeal to men as much as women. In fact,
Mellinger once wrote that his goal was to offer "the most alluring,
body-hugging, figure-enhancing outer fashions … always aimed at men."

Of course I immediately started searching for some 50’s Frederick’s of Hollywood dresses.  But none turned up after an exhaustive Google search.  There were a few outfits from the 70’s, but none earlier.  So I guess the earlier clothing is pretty scarce.  If anyone comes across any, please send a link.  Would love to see what a real 50’s dress from Frederick’s looks like.

If you’re interested in fashion illustration, there is a book available called Frederick’s of Hollywood-26 Years of Mail Order Seduction that features catalog pages from 1947-1973. 


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Favorite Photos of 40’s Hats


I collect lots of vintage fashion magazines and books for educational purposes,  but especially enjoy looking at the beautiful photos and illustrations. Just thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures of women’s hats from the 1940’s. 

It’s unfortunate that we don’t wear beautiful hats much anymore. I guess it’s because these type of hats look too formal to fit in with our more casual lifestyles.   But people took more care with their appearance back then and hats were masterpieces of design that really completed an outfit, adding the perfect finishing touch of elegance, sophistication and glamour.  Desirable attributes that, in my opinion,  are lacking in our modern day society based on the extreme disregard for personal appearance I witness on a daily basis! 

Paris hats from the Worth and Bruyere collections. Photo from L’Officiel  Magazine Summer 1941


Hats by Lilly Dache and Hattie Carnegie. American Vogue Spring 1942


Hats from the Jean Patou Paris wartime collection L’Officiel Magazine Summer 1941


Christian Dior hat designed by Sygur, French Vogue,  Fall 1947


The next two photos are fashion illustrations of hats from the 1943 Paris spring collection, designs by Gabrielle and Bruyere. La Femme Chic Spring issue 1943



If anyone reading this post ever ventures out wearing lovely vintage hats such as these,  please let us know the reaction you get.

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