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How to Dress for a 1920s Themed Wedding


Vintage themed weddings are a hot trend.  And why not?  Picking a favorite decade to  plan your special day around adds a whole new element of fun to the celebration.  And recently, due to the popularity of shows like Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey and the movie remake of the Great Gatsby, the Roaring Twenties has been on the minds of many brides to be.

The 1920s represent an era of decadence, glamour and liberation for women.   Fashion design was influenced by Art Deco and surrealism, jazz music and the discovery of King Tut’s tomb,  which caused a major trend toward anything with Egyptian motifs.    Coco Chanel was the designer whose creations most influenced womens’ fashion in the 20s, including the loose fitting chemise dress worn with long necklaces, which became the hallmark of  “the flapper” look.  Ladies’ looks for evening involved lots of intricate beading, fringe, and sequins with bejewelled turbans, feathered headbands and other decorative hair ornaments.

So if you’re lucky enough to be invited to a formal or “after 5″  1920s themed wedding,  you certainly can’t run out to your nearest costume store and grab one of those flimsy polyester numbers with rows of fringe.   Au contrare!  An occasion like this calls for puttin’ on the glitz,  with elegance and class of course!   This isn’t the time for being wishy washy about your outfit.  For a 1920’s evening wedding event you’ll want to show up looking authentic roaring twenties glam, meaning dressed something like Lady Dudley below. (In case you don’t know who she is, read more about her character here)

Lady Dudley from Downton Abbey

Lady Dudley from Downton Abbey

Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things. Classy and fabulous.”  So here are my recommendations for looking classy and fabulous for a formal dress 20’s themed wedding.

•Straight, somewhat loose fitting sleeveless cocktail dress covered with elaborate beading and sequin designs, preferably in a geometric deco type pattern. Some element of fringe is always a plus!  Does not have to be too short! Most women in the 1920s did not wear really short dresses.
•Long strands of pearls or other beads, either worn singly or in layers.
•Opera length gloves. Add a glitzy bracelet on one wrist.
•For the hair, chose a beautiful head scarf or turban and pin a sparkly brooch on it, wear an elegant beaded headband, perhaps with some feathers, or go with a dressy cloche hat trimmed in satin, bows or flowers.
•Find yourself a pair of patterned or fishnet stockings that will match your dress. Hosiery with embroidered designs or rhinestone decorations will work too.  Some flappers even wore stockings with designs on the knees!
•Shoes should have a curved (Louis) heel and be T strap or Mary Jane style.
•Carry a small purse with beaded design and/or fringe.
•For makeup tips to complete your authentic 1920’s look see this article.


For more 1920s style inspiration, see our YouTube video slideshow of our exclusive collection of beaded flapper dresses that are very popular for 1920s Old Hollywood and Gatsby themed weddings.  We sell  accessories and shoes to go with them too!


Have a glamorous day!

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More 1920s Inspired Gatsby Glamour at Blue Velvet Vintage


Got a Great Gatsby party of Art Deco wedding to attend?   Just arrived, these flirty 20s inspired cocktail dresses that are perfect for a Jazz Era event.  A classic look that’s  also on trend right now.  Just add ropes of pearls, long gloves, a cloche hat or feather headband, beaded purse and  Mary Jane  heels and head on out to your favorite speakeasy for a night of charleston dancing and chugging the bootleg !  Tell ’em  Blue Velvet Vintage sent ya!

Dress in black lace over champagne satin,  comes in black lace over teal blue satin as well.

20s inspired Gatsby dress

Get your Gatsby on at Blue Velvet Vintage!

And to help you get into the proper frame of mind to  celebrate the era of  shieks, shebas and Gatsby style excess,  here are some 1920s slang expressions you may want to throw into your party conversation just for fun!

Bees Knees, Cat’s Meow or Cat’s Pajamas–  All mean something or someone really great, fantastic, the ultimate.  “That dress she is wearing is the Bee’s Knees.”  “That handsome guy is the Cat’s Meow”.
Copacetic–  Just fine, wonderful.  “Everything is copacetic.”
Bearcat-A hot blooded, wild girl.
Giggle Water-alcoholic beverage
Get a wiggle on– Get a move on.
Glad rags– Dressy, going out clothes.
Hootch– Bootleg liquor
Juice Joint-Speakeasy
Moll– Gangster’s girlfriend
Puttin on the Ritz– Dressing very high fashion, stylishly
Corked, Jazzed, Zozzled, Primed, Tanked–  All words for being intoxicated
Hip to the Jive– Cool
Smarty– A cuter flapper girl.
Vamp-A flirt, seductress.

You may also like this “Swell” little number !

Beaded black flapper style dress

Beaded black flapper style dress

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Happy Customer Dressed for a 1920s Wedding


Check out this swanky photo of Blue Velvet Vintage customer, Karla, wearing one of our  beaded flapper style dresses as the bridesmaid in her best friend’s 20s themed wedding.  Karla’s husband also got into the spirit looking quite dapper in his 1920s vintage suit and bow tie. Looks like he just stepped out of an episode of Boardwalk Empire.  Nucky Thompson’s got nothing on this guy!

Karla told us, “ At first I wasn’t sure I could pull it off with my long hair, and didn’t want to do a fake bob. But with the feather headband (I got it on Etsy), and curling my hair, I think I pulled it off well. The wedding was beautiful and everyone asked us about the dresses and thought we looked great! I felt lucky to have a husband who was all for dressing up with me.”    

And we couldn’t agree more. They certainly make  a stunning Jazz Age couple! Thanks for sharing, Karla!

1920s theme wedding clothing

Customer Karla and husband are the Bees Knees in 1920s themed wedding attire!

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Famous Flappers and their Fabulous Fashions


The  women’s rights movement in the 1920’s sparked a major fashion revolution.  Young women rebelled against the restrictive garments that had been worn by their mothers and opted for loose fitting dresses that downplayed their curves.  Of course, in the flapper era,  wearing clothing that was easy to dance in was also a plus.  Can’t exactly do  Charleston kicks  in  tight fitting corsets and  long gowns!  And just like today, young women looked to celebrities for their fashion inspiration. Below are photos of  some of the most famous fashionable  flappers of the 20s stage and screen.

Clara Bow, the “It Girl”, wearing a stunning pleated, print dress. How about those adorable ankle socks with the heels?  So much for thinking it was just an 80s thing!

Clara Bow 1920s Dress

Clara Bow in 1920s Dress


Headbands were very big back in the 1920s.

Clara Bow Head Band

Clara Bow wearing Head Band

Mlle. Rhea was an actress and dancer in the 20s. Here she is with her handy dandy little garter flask. No self respecting prohibition era flapper would leave home without it! Note the Mary Jane pumps.  Along with the T strap and Louis heel, it was an iconic shoe style of the era.

Mlle Rhea dancer 1920s

20's dancer Mlle. Rhea with her handy garter flask

 Louise Brooks was the bad girl of  the silver screen. She’s the actress who made the bobbed haircut famous.  Her dropped waist dress and cloche hat were the height of fashion in the 1920’s.

Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks in fur trimmed coat, cloche hat and drop waist dress

You may think of Joan Crawford as a popular actress from the 40s, but here she is with Dorothy Sebastian and Anita Page in the 1928 film  “Our Dancing Daughters”.   Joan, along with Anita and Dorothy were the quintessential flapper girls!

Joan Crawford, Dorothy Sebastion, Anita Page

Joan Crawford, Dorothy Sebastion, Anita Page

Photos of Clara Bow, Joan Crawford, Dorothy Sebastian, Anita Page courtesy of Cabonated’s Photostream on Flickr


If you love the fashion looks of the Jazz Era, are planning a 20s wedding or  have a 20’s themed event to attend, then check out Blue Velvet Vintage for our dresses and accessories inspired by the fabulous fashions of the 1920’s!

20's inspired fashins 1920s style clothing

20s inspired fashions

1. Nataya embroidered ivory tulle 20s style dress  2. Black satin T strap pumps

3. Black and silver T strap dress sandals  4. Black flapper style beaded lace dress

5. Ivory beaded 20’s reproduction flapper dress  6.  Bronze beaded fringe evening bag

7. Deco style faux pearl and rhinestone bracelet  8. Nataya 20’s inspired ivory chiffon dress w/rose accent

9. Black beaded fringe reproduction flapper dress  10.  White beaded fringed reproduction flapper dress

11. Beaded fringed black tulle shawl  12. Ivory cloche hat with lace and crystal trim

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