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Movie Trivia-Great Gatsby 1974


With the release of the Baz Luhrman’s version just around the corner, the Gatsby buzz is everywhere! But who can forget the beauty of the 1974 film starring Mia Farrow and Robert Redford, with its gorgeous scenery and fabulous 1920s fashions? Below is some trivia about Francis Ford Coppola’s version of this great American classic:

Truman Capote was the first screenwriter for  the film. But  his draft included making characters Nick Carraway a homosexual and Jordan Baker a lesbian.   He was fired and Coppola ended up rewriting the screenplay in three weeks.

•Ali MacGraw was originally promised the role of Daisy Buchanan by her producer husband Robert Evans. But when she left him for her co-star Steve McQueen, she lost the role.

• Other stars who were rumored to be considered for the role were Candice Bergen, Natalie Wood, Fay Dunaway and Cybil Shepard.

Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post

Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post

•When F. Scott Fitzgerald’s daughter spotted Mia Farrow on the set of the movie she was quoted as saying, “The New England summer sun was hitting her face under this lilac chiffon hat and she looked just like my father’s Daisy Buchanan should look .”

•Marlon Brando turned down the role of Jay Gatsby because producers wouldn’t meet his salary demands. And Warren Beatty lost the part to Robert Redford.

Daisy's fabulous flapper fashions - vogue December 1973

Daisy’s fabulous flapper fashions – Vogue December 1973

•Ralph Lauren assisted costume designer Theoni Aldredge with the film’s wardrobe.  Three time Tony award winner, Aldredge, produced hundreds of costumes for the film in two weeks time and also incorporated authentic 1920s dresses. She won an Academy Award for her work on the film, but failed to mention Ralph Lauren’s name during the ceremonies because she was a bit miffed over the fact that he had been trying to take credit for the designing of Robert Redford’s clothes himself.

•The popular 20s  fashions from the movie inspired a clothing line that was available at Bloomingdale’s.

•Art deco jewelry supplied by Cartier was used in the movie and it is rumored that the producers purchased over 5 million dollars worth of the baubles worn by Mia Farrow and Lois Chiles .

Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan in the Great Gatsby 1974

Mia Farrow in romantic 20s attire. Great Gatsby 1974.

mia farrow gatsby flapper

Mia Farrow and her fab flapper look. Great Gatsby 1974.

•A Gastby-inspired line of sportswear, whiskey, beauty products and even cookware were introduced around the 1974 premiere. The Paramount Promotion Director at the the time said “The idea is to Gatsbyize the entire country.”

Ballantines Scotch Ad - 1974

Ballantine’s Scotch Ad – 1974

…and Gatsbyized we are once again! Can’t wait to see the new version – out this Friday , May 10th.

And if you’re inspired by these fashion looks from the 1920s, then please check out the lovely beaded flapper dresses and romantic 20s inspired party dresses on the Blue Velvet Vintage website. We’ve got what you need to get your Gatsby on in style!

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1925 Spring Easter Fashions-Delineator Magazine


The graphics and fashion illustrations in older magazines are fantastic. Before the age of fashion photography and photoshop, clothing designs for print had to rendered by hand.  Here is a sampling of illustrations for Easter fashions from an April 1925 Delineator Magazine.  And these were all from Butterick patterns, so women could sew up these lovely outfits themselves. Imagine that?

Notice the hemlines. Many people assume all fashions from the 1920s were shorter, like the flapper girls wore. But as you can see, that’s not the case.

spring fashions april 1925 delineator magazine

Spring fashions from 1925 Delineator Magazine

spring fashions 1925 delineator magazine

Spring ensembles featuring capes and coats-1925 Delineator Magazine

Dresses were often a straight, shift style, with a dropped waist.  Skirts often had assymetrical or handkerchief hems.

spring dresses 1925 delineator magazine

Dresses for spring from April 1925 Delineator Magazine

And here are pictures of children’s fashions for Easter.

childrens easter fashions 1925

Easter fashions for children-April 1925 Delineator Magazine

Can’t  forget the hats! Cloches and wide brimmed were popular. According to the article, popular colors for spring/summer included purple, fuschia, brick, biscuit, powder blue and green, hydrangea pink and blue. The new trimmings were flowers, feather fancies, grosgrain ribbon, ornaments of crystal, marcasite or rhinestones.

hats 1925 delineator magazine

Ladies Hats from April 1925 Delineator Magazine

In my next post I’ll show some fabulous illustrations of bridal fashions from the same issue.

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