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Crane Estate 1920s Style Picnic on the Lawn

Crane Estate 20s Lawn Party-2014

Crane Estate 20s Lawn Party-2014

So after my recent post on vintage picnics, I had a chance to put together one of my own!  Some friends and I recently attended the Second Annual 1920s Lawn Party at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Ma. The event is truly the “cat’s pajamas” with the majority of attendees dressed in clothing inspired by the Roaring Twenties.  It  is held by Boston Swing Central in partnership with the Trustees of Reservations.

They give free swing and Charleston lessons on the  great wooden dance floor set up at the foot of the stately mansion. And you get to dance to the tunes of the  Baby Soda  Jazz Band all day. There are a bunch of vendors selling all sorts of  clothing and accessories for the vintage lover.  Antique cars set up on the lawn offer great opportunities for fun photos,  A beautiful Italian garden is available for games of  croquet and badminton. And, most importantly, there are the picnics. Everyone sets up on the massive expanse of lawn to relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and channel their inner F. Scott and Zelda.

My 20s inspired outfit-Vintage Style Files

My 20s inspired outfit

This year I wore a lace handkerchief hem dress by Nataya, a style that we just happen to  sell at Blue Velvet Vintage!
T strap shoes are Chelsea Crew brand
Hat~thrifted for 1.99     Beaded bag 6.00~purchased at Brimfield Antique Flea Market

Classy dames at the 20s lawn party

Classy dames at the 20s Lawn Party

Vintage vendors

Great vintage shopping!

Beautiful dress at Tangerine Boutique's booth

Beautiful dress at Tangerine Boutique’s booth

More vintage goodies from Tangerine Boutique

More vintage goodies from Tangerine Boutique

Fellow Vintage Fashion Guild member, Melody Fortier, owner of Tangerine Boutique, had a fantastic booth set up with a stunning array of vintage finery.

My Blue Ribbon picnic spread

My Blue Ribbon picnic spread

As if the day wasn’t fun enough, I even won a blue ribbon for best picnic spread! How cool it that?  I was completely unaware that they even judged this sort of thing. So it was a pleasant surprise.

I had recently picked up a great plaid cotton fringed picnic blanket at the SOWA Vintage Market in Boston. (A must visit if you’re ever in the area).  It was only $24.00 and in perfect condition.  When I spotted it I knew it would be perfect for the lawn party.  The blanket inspired me to start looking for more items to put my picnic together.

So the hunt was on! At the Cambridge Antiques Market I spotted the coolest vintage cooler. Snagged that for $30.00 and the picnic basket for $15.00. The cooler will make a perfect ice bucket for storing wine or beer on my tiki bar back at home. The vintage fruit print tablecloth I actually travel with. When I’m on the road for a buying trip I like to take little things I can use to make all the hotel rooms I have to stay in look more homey. I know, it sounds a little crazy, but I love to  have vintage items around me no matter where I land and I think it adds a cheerful touch to your usual generic hotel chain room decor.

Anyway, I thrifted the rest of the items, which is always fun. Picked up vase, glasses, platters etc at Salvation Army.  Everything totalled less than $20.00.  So if you put your mind to it, you can really put together a nice little retro picnic without spending a fortune.  Heck, the food ended up costing more than all the accessories!

Am already looking forward to next years soiree.   And I’ll be on the lookout  for more picnic paraphenalia to add to my collection.

Sunset at Crane Estate

Sunset at Crane Estate

And though the day had been overcast, we were treated to a lovely sunset at the end of a lovely day!


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Famous Flappers and their Fabulous Fashions


The  women’s rights movement in the 1920’s sparked a major fashion revolution.  Young women rebelled against the restrictive garments that had been worn by their mothers and opted for loose fitting dresses that downplayed their curves.  Of course, in the flapper era,  wearing clothing that was easy to dance in was also a plus.  Can’t exactly do  Charleston kicks  in  tight fitting corsets and  long gowns!  And just like today, young women looked to celebrities for their fashion inspiration. Below are photos of  some of the most famous fashionable  flappers of the 20s stage and screen.

Clara Bow, the “It Girl”, wearing a stunning pleated, print dress. How about those adorable ankle socks with the heels?  So much for thinking it was just an 80s thing!

Clara Bow 1920s Dress

Clara Bow in 1920s Dress


Headbands were very big back in the 1920s.

Clara Bow Head Band

Clara Bow wearing Head Band

Mlle. Rhea was an actress and dancer in the 20s. Here she is with her handy dandy little garter flask. No self respecting prohibition era flapper would leave home without it! Note the Mary Jane pumps.  Along with the T strap and Louis heel, it was an iconic shoe style of the era.

Mlle Rhea dancer 1920s

20's dancer Mlle. Rhea with her handy garter flask

 Louise Brooks was the bad girl of  the silver screen. She’s the actress who made the bobbed haircut famous.  Her dropped waist dress and cloche hat were the height of fashion in the 1920’s.

Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks in fur trimmed coat, cloche hat and drop waist dress

You may think of Joan Crawford as a popular actress from the 40s, but here she is with Dorothy Sebastian and Anita Page in the 1928 film  “Our Dancing Daughters”.   Joan, along with Anita and Dorothy were the quintessential flapper girls!

Joan Crawford, Dorothy Sebastion, Anita Page

Joan Crawford, Dorothy Sebastion, Anita Page

Photos of Clara Bow, Joan Crawford, Dorothy Sebastian, Anita Page courtesy of Cabonated’s Photostream on Flickr


If you love the fashion looks of the Jazz Era, are planning a 20s wedding or  have a 20’s themed event to attend, then check out Blue Velvet Vintage for our dresses and accessories inspired by the fabulous fashions of the 1920’s!

20's inspired fashins 1920s style clothing

20s inspired fashions

1. Nataya embroidered ivory tulle 20s style dress  2. Black satin T strap pumps

3. Black and silver T strap dress sandals  4. Black flapper style beaded lace dress

5. Ivory beaded 20’s reproduction flapper dress  6.  Bronze beaded fringe evening bag

7. Deco style faux pearl and rhinestone bracelet  8. Nataya 20’s inspired ivory chiffon dress w/rose accent

9. Black beaded fringe reproduction flapper dress  10.  White beaded fringed reproduction flapper dress

11. Beaded fringed black tulle shawl  12. Ivory cloche hat with lace and crystal trim

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