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Another Disturbing Doll to Haunt my Dreams


Recently I posted a photo of a down and out distressed wreck of a doll for sale at an antique store I happened into on my travels.  BTW, are you as creeped out by dolls as I am?  Because  according to this article on phobias, it’s somewhat common. So apparently I’m not as crazy as  I thought!

Anyway, I was just starting to get over the nightmares caused by that last one, when I went and checked the latest Way Out  Wednesday post on  The Girl Can’t Help it Blog.   It appears that Kim is featuring one of the most disturbing  dolls I’ve ever seen. So disturbing, in fact,  I imagine it may have been directly responsible for the demise of the  one I had the misfortune of discovering a few days ago.

So  feast your eyes on Little Miss No Name,  whose eyes are particulary unnerving.  IMO she looks like an alien  from the  Planet of the Brain Sucking  Zomboids, disguised as a sad  starving street urchin.

I imagine the pathetic little getup is just a ruse to inspire sympathy from unsuspecting victims who will  then  invite her into their homes for a much needed home cooked meal.   Of course,  she’ll devour their brain instead, or if she’s feeling especially generous  she’ll just plant a mind control chip  in their head, leaving them helpless except to do her evil bidding!

But, seriously, what kind of child back in the 60s was supposed to like playing with a weird looking doll like this?  It was probably inspired by those depressing Keane paintings with the big eyed, sad little kids in them.

Little Miss No Name, the doll that nightmares are made of

Little Miss No Name, the doll that nightmares are made of

Hope Kim doesn’t mind me posting her photo.   I was just so freaked out by this badly dressed, freakish little hobo horror that I had to share.    BTW,  I highly recommend a visit to her vintage blog for a riotous ride down memory lane.   Her posts are hilarious, and to paraphrase, she’s easily amused, easily annoyed, doesn’t mean to offend, but probably will.

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