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New Year, New You: Four Style Ideas to Add Vintage Glam to Your Look


Ladies in 1940s dresses


Image source NY Public Library

It’s a whole new year with a chance to be a whole new you. Here are four ways you can put your best vintage fashion foot forward as you step ahead—or should we say back?!—into vintage 2014!

1. Pick styles that make you feel great One of the best things about vintage clothes is they never go out of style. While trendy looks don’t necessarily work for everyone, vintage silhouettes are flattering to many body types, and you can pick and choose among the vintage styles of different eras to find the ones that fit your personality.


2. Add some flair Stylish clothes are great but you know what they say: accessories really make the outfit. Spend some time—check Pinterest for ideas!—and find the perfect vintage piece, whether it be jewelry, scarf, purse, gloves, or shoes to make your outfit really sing. You can go completely vintage glam or add just an element or two to highlight your look. Pay special attention to your hair—look for that perfect pinup style and complement with a gorgeous comb, hair flower or maybe even a snood, those fun crocheted hairnets from the 40s!


3. Go for the perfect fit Women back in day, if they didn’t sew their own clothes, often relied on a trusted seamstress to ensure a perfect fit. They understood that well fitting clothing was the key to a more polished, classy look. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape…then resolve to make sure your clothes follow suit. Go through your wardrobe and discard clothes that no longer fit and find yourself a professional alteration person that you can depend on to make your clothing flatter your figure. You’ll look better (and feel better, too!). Also, remember there are no sizing standards in today’s garment industry and sizing conventions have changed over time. Make sure to have your measurements handy for your online orders and bring a tape measure when out shopping to save time when trying on clothes.


4. Make sure make-up is flawless No matter how classy your clothes are, style can fall flat when your make-up isn’t working for you. Plus, this is where you can really have some fun. Your make-up style can reflect the vintage times. Classic red lip and nails, a defined brow, the proper matte foundation and powder, and even trying the cat eye look with your liner can really make you stand out.


Have yourself a glamorous New Year and set the world on fire with style in 2014. Don’t forget to make fashion fun!

And if you have any style tips of your own, please feel free to share:)

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New Additions-Special Occasion Dresses


More retro glamorous  special occasion dresses have been added recently to the Blue Velvet Vintage site.   We want to make sure you’re the classiest dame ever at your upcoming holiday parties, proms and fancy dress balls!

Have a look at our latest beauties.  To see more recently added  evening gowns and party dresses be sure to visit our “What’s New” page.

Recently added special occasion dresses at Blue Velvet Vintage

Recently added special occasion dresses at Blue Velvet Vintage

1. Deco inspired midnight blue satin mermaid gown

2. Authentic 1950s vintage  strapless black lace party dress

3. Gold satin beaded, sequined vintage style mermaid gown

4. Mad Men style black cocktail suit with mink fur trim.

5. Elegant burgundy chiffon vintage style goddess gown

6.  40s style black chiffon glamour gown w/sarong style skirt

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Fun and Fact Filled Vintage Fashion Site


Just discovered this amazing site called Miss Vintage.   It’s a must visit for anyone who loves vintage style.  It is an attractively designed and informative look into the world of classic glamour.  Chock full of visually stunning pages covering beauty tips, hairstyles, formal wear,  style icons, vintage shopping advice and so much more.  You could get lost on this site for hours!  Then you can even join the forum at their Vintage Style Network  to dish about your favorite subject,  vintage fashion!  A little piece of heaven on the web for the vintage loving fashionista.

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Available now-copies of actual Bettie Page dress


We’re very excited about the a hot new style from the Bettie Page Clothing line currently available on our site.  It’s a replica of a dress actually worn by the famous 50’s pinup model. Below are pictures of  the glamorous Bettie wearing the actual dress and Bernie Dexter wearing the dress you can own right now! 




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New Vintage Inspired Dresses


There are certain styles in authentic vintage clothing that we always sell out of very quickly. So we’re always on the lookout for modern interpretations of those looks that represent the classic glamour that everyone loves. These are some of our latest finds. Now available on our site , they’re perfect for upcoming proms or weddings.

50’s style strapless ivory lace over pink taffeta full skirt party dress , complete with boned sweetheart bodice, ruffled tulle underslip and satin sash. 


Same style  in deep turquoise taffeta overlaid with black lace.


And here’s a stunning beaded, sequined aqua and white bias cut  silk floral halter gown that looks like something Rita Hayworth would have worn!


These dresses are all available in small, medium and large sizes.

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