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In Vogue-November 1963-At Home Fashions


Here’s my second post featuring fashion highlights from Vogue Magazine in November  1963 and it’s focus is on  loungewear.   Clothing for entertaining at home was very much in style.  The fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe included chic  hostess gowns, dinner  pajamas and peignoir sets.  Lingerie blurred the line between sleepwear and cocktail wear.  Take a look at the casually elegant designer  lounging outfits below. What I like about them is they’re informal and comfortable, while still managing to look glamorous.   A much classier look for hanging around the house than the sweat pants and T-shirts commonly worn today!

A bold floral print empire gown by Jane Derby with floating back panels.

1960s hostess gown by Jane Derby

Hostess gown by Jane Derby

Robe de soir by James Galanos in a hand screened  blue abstract print.

Peignoir set by James Galanos.

Peignoir set by James Galanos.

Floral print coulotte jumpsuit by Jean Louis.

Jumpsuit by Jean Louis

Jumpsuit by Jean Louis

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