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A Perfectly Pink 50’s Bathroom


Pink was THE representative color of the 1950s.  It’s popularity is attributed to first lady, Mamie Eisenhower, who loved the shade so much it became known as “Mamie Pink”.  She even decorated the presidential bedroom in it, right down to the monogrammed wastebasket.  Reporters even started calling the White House the “Pink Palace.” And when she was staying in an adjoining suite at a Denver Hospital, where Ike was recovering from a heart attack, she even had a pink toilet seat flown in.   I guess she figured if  you’re gonna make a stink,   you might as well do it on pink! I know, I know, that was tacky. But  I just couldn’t resist!

Personally, I’d love to have a 50s pink bathroom like the one pictured below.  It’s a nice, soft blush shade  and I’ll bet it would make your complexion look rosier!

The wall/divider with a vanity on each side is a great idea. Of course, you’d have to have quite a bit of space to make this work. But I love how it looks.   Combined with other shades, like the grey and black terrrazo like flooring,  and the woodtone cabinets,  it  makes the pink bathroom look a little less “girly”.  The flooring is actually Armstrong Mosaic Corlon. I’m sure they don’t make that pattern any more. But if they did, I’d put in my kitchen or bathroom in a heartbeat!

So what do you think of a bathroom in pink? Would it be your pick, or just make you sick?

1950s bathroom in "Mamie Pink"

1950s bathroom in "Mamie Pink"

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First Lady Inaugural Fashions


People have always been fascinated with the attire of our President’s wife, especially her outfit of choice for the Inaugural Ball.  Of course it was Jacqueline Kennedy who raised First Lady fashion to a whole new level of chicness, the likes of which had never been seen before or since!

Her fashion legacy remains the gold standard to which all First Ladies are now compared. This is especially true for Michelle Obama,  who has very often been touted as the next Jackie Kennedy.  So tonight all eyes will be on Mrs. Obama to see if the gown she chooses helps her live up to her reputation as the next White House style icon.  One thing I think we can count on is it won’t be boring or matronly looking!  And tomorrow it will certainly be interesting to read the endless critiques on her choice.

In the meantime, here are a few gowns worn by First Ladies, a video from the National Museum of Natural History on  First Lady fashions and a link to a fun NY Times First Lady Fashion quiz you can take to test your knowledge on inaugural dresses.

1981-Nancy Reagan in a white beaded silk gown by James Galanos.


1961- Jacqueline Kennedy’s gown and cape was an expression of her own individual style since she designed it herself and had it made at Bergdorf Goodman.jackie_kennedy

1953- Mamie Eisenhower’s fabulous pink silk Nettie Rosenstein gown was covered with over 2000 pink rhinestones.  Becoming one of the most representative colors of the 50s, it was known as “Mamie Pink” or “First Lady Pink.


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