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Recent Additions-Authentic Vintage Playsuits, Swimsuits and Rompers


You’ll look pinup perfect in our latest selection of one piece playsuits and swimsuits from the 50’s through the 80’s. Plus we’ve even added a teeny little Emilio Pucci bikini from the 1970’s.

Vintage playsuits, rompers, swimsuits

Vintage playsuits, rompers, swimsuits

1. Alex Colman mod floral skort/playsuit-42/34

2. 50’s Black Rose Marie Reid bathing suit-S/M

3. 60s Alix of Miami blue playsuit- 36/28

4.1960s Hawaiian sun suit/simsuit-34/26

5. 80s Roxanne floral romper-36/28

6. 1960s Gabar pink and white eyelet playsuit-35/27

7.1950s plaid halter swimsuit-S/M

8. 60s Gabar green blue floral playsuit-med

9. 70s Emilio Pucci bikini-36b

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