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Besame Cosmetics New Voluptuous Lipstick Line


Besame Cosmetics is now accepting pre-orders for their new Voluptuous lipstick line which is due in July.  They’ve been working on developing this for a while and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its introduction.

If you’ve never used Besame vintage inspired cosmetics before, then you don’t know what you’re missing! The packaging is gorgeous and the products, themselves, are high quality.  If you’ve ever used their lipsticks, then you know how concentrated the colors are,  making them long lasting.

Well, now they’ve got a new and improved all natural version that’s paraben and petrolatum free,  containing mineral stain that’s supposed to lock in the color making for extra long lasting wear.  They’ve also mixed in all kinds of good stuff like flower essences, aloe, green tea and botanical oils to help keep your lips  healthier, moister and, well, voluptuous.  And, ladies,  as we all know,  a yummy new lipstick can be quite the mood booster and it’s a lot cheaper than Prozac!

For $35.00 the set includes a tube of their dreamy, creamy new lipstick, a hand crafted lipstick brush, a velvety travel sleeve, matching lip pencil and a detailed lipstick application guide. And if you pre-order you get a free gift!


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