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Gaytees Rubber Boots-Stormy Weather Style


Does anyone remember these?  Perhaps you noticed your grandmother wearing them.  I know I remember little rubber boots my mom got us to wear over our shoes when I was very young . But they weren’t stylish like the ones grownup ladies wore with their heels. Back in the day ladies protected their dress shoes from inclement weather by wearing rubber boots that covered them. The most famous brand was Gaytees, and they came in different colors and heel heights. The fur trimmed ones are my favorite. Only wish I could find a pair in my size. Every time I search for a pair on the internet they’re sold out! So apparently they are still quite popular.

Here is an ad from 1940 that says “When there’s mud on campus, when November chills enthusiasm for football, when weather threatens a date in town, when slush puts a crimp in winter fun-it’s time for Gaytees.”

Gaytees Rubber Boots 1940

Gaytees Rubber Overshoes 1940 Ad

This ad from 1947 states “U.S. Gaytees make the weather just another excuse for dressing up. Gaytees offer more than dry, trim protection. They’re smart fashion accessories-styled to go with suave town clothes or rugged tweeds.”

Gaytees rubber boots 1948 ad

Gaytees rubber boots 1948 ad

Of course, you could find them at your favorite “Stormy Weather Shop!”

I always thought these were such a practical idea and wondered why there wasn’t something similar for women to wear now to cover their shoes when they hit the wet pavement.  Well, lo and behold, I found these  shoe protectors designed by Grace Carter and sold at Nordstroms.   Though I prefer the vintage ones cause I’m a vintage loving gal,  these look  like they’d do a proper job and quite stylishly to boot!

grace carter shoe covers

Grace Carter shoe covers



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Vintage Inspirations for Fall/Winter 2007


The hottest fashions on the  runways for the fall/winter season take much of their influence from the deco 1920s and  film noir 1940s.  Ladylike is in, covered up, but with sexy figure hugging silhouettes.  Knits, lots of gray and purple and low waisted, flapper style dresses.  Hats and gloves are the must have accessories.

Vintage seller, Denisebrain ,  has put together a fantastic collage, showcasing a stunning collection of authentic vintage clothing that reflects the current trends.

Visit the Vintage  Fashion Guild website to learn how to get this season’s hottest looks the vintage way!

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