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1920s Fashion Guide

Guide to 1920’s Fashions-
How to Get the Look

Got a 20's era Great Gatsby or Art Deco themed charity ball, prom or wedding to attend? Refer to this guide for inspiration and to help you put together a period correct look for your 1920s vintage themed event.

Youth and the early womens' rights movement had a heavy influence on fashion in the 20s. A woman’s curves were deemphasized as the restrictive corsets from the 1900s were discarded in favor of a more liberating silhouette.

Hemlines were calf length for much of the century. The over the knee “flapper” fashions were only in vogue for a couple of years. But have since become the iconic look of the decade.

Below are key fashion elements to consider for capturing an authentic 1920's Jazz Era look.


  • Long, lean straight silhouettes.i.e. shift style dresses.
  • Dropped waistlines.
  • Handkerchief hems or assymetrical hems.
  • Sheer dresses worn over slip liners.
  • Elaborate beading or fringe.
  • Asian and Egyptian motifs.
  • Kimonos.


  • Multiple strands of long beads or pearls.
  • Curved, louis heels, mary janes, T straps. Buckles or other ornaments.
  • Cloche hats
  • Feathered headbands
  • Fancy, bejeweled hair combs
  • Stockings rolled to below knees.
  • Long cigarette holders.
  • Tiny beaded evening bags.

Hair and Makeup

  • Short, bobbed hair, either straight with bangs or finger waved.
  • Longer hair was still worn, but was pulled back and tucked under to mimic the bobbed style.
  • Dark, smoky eyes. Kohl liner upper and lower lids.
  • Cupid Bow lips in deep reds or plum shades. Clara Bow, the famous "It Girl" was the actress who inspired this lip shape.
  • Rouged knees.

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