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Color Disclaimer

We make every effort to display color accurately on our website.  Products are viewed on three separate monitors before uploading and photographers and graphic designers make sure our edited photos and monitors are calibrated to match the colors of our garments as closely as possible.  We also do our best to describe the colors/shades of the fabric in our garments. But because other monitors may display color differently and because terms used to describe shades of color can be perceived differently, depending on the viewer, we cannot be held responsible if you receive something and the color doesn't look how you envisioned it would.

The internet does create challenges for shoppers in this regard.   So if you have your heart set on a very specific color or shade, in order to avoid disappointment, please contact us first so we can try and provide more information regarding the color of the garment you're interested in.  We do not offer refunds for differing color perceptions.