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They may be gone but they're certainly not forgotten! Some of our favorite vintage dresses that have gone to good homes. We've saved their images here for inspiration, research, study purposes or even pinning to Pinterest! If you are looking for our current vintage offerings please visit our Vintage Clothing Category.


50s/60s Serafino of Miami Bombshell Floral Sarong Dress
50s/60s Vintage Party Dress-Silk Satin, Full Skirt, Embroidered Sequined Bodice
50s/60s White Lace over Coral Pink Taffeta Tea Length Party Dress-XXL
Draped Chiffon Neckline and Floating Back Panels
43B 35W

60's Blue Embroidered Eyelet Full Skirt Shirtwaist Dress XL
60's Burke-Amey Red Silk Lace Cocktail Dress/Jacket Set
60's Gold Silver Black Floral Brocade Curvy Cocktail Dress
60's Harvey Berin/Karen Stark Black Silk Rhinestone Trimmed Cocktail Dress
60's Lilli Diamond Flapper Style Black Fringe Cocktail Dress-Plus Size
60's Mad Men Orange Zip Front Mod Dress
60's Rhinestone Studded Emerald Green Chiffon Party Dress
60's Ruched Black Sequined Lace Full Skirt Party Dress
60's Vintage Party Dress- Sequined Blue Rose Print
60's Will Steinman Silver Gold Metallic Brocade Evening Gown
60s Flower Embroidered Semi Sheer White Shirtwaist Day Dress

Sleeveless, pintucked bodice.
Authentic vintage in rare larger size!
42b 33w

60s Herbert Sondheim Vintage Dress-Black Floral Silk Damask
60s Mr Blackwell Curvey Rhinestone Studded Floral Cocktail Dress
So Joan Holloway of Mad Men!
40b 32w
60s Red Silk Suzy Perette Cocktail Dress
60s Silk Floral Tea Length Party Dress w/Floating Panels
60s Victor Costa Romantica Print Chiffon Mod Party Dress