What would Audrey Do? Enter the contest to find out!

Well, I’ve certainly been neglectful in my blog postings since I was stricken with some hideous respiratory ailment that made my head feel like it was full of cotton for about 10 days.  But before my symptoms had progressed to the point that I couldn’t think straight, I was able to read a great book called "What Would Audrey Do-Lessons for Living with Grace and Style"  It is written by Pamela Keogh who also wrote "Jackie Style",  "Audrey Style" and "Elvis Presley-the Man, the LIfe, the Legend". And now I’m back to tell you, though this book is entertaining and helpful for woman of all ages, it should definitely be required reading for all the young women who think Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are worthy of emulation and/or who aspire to be in  "Girls Gone Wild" video to show everyone how liberated they are.

Not only does the book offer many interesting facts about Audrey Hepburn’s life, it is also a guide that will help you navigate through life situations in the way she would have handled them, with charm, graciousness and class.
The author offers up classic style tips that can easily be applied to modern day fashion, advice on romance, travel, diet, exercise and beauty tips all inspired by the most famous fashion icon of the 20th century.

From the book, here are examples of Audrey’s lessons in loveliness:

*Dating advice from the woman who enjoyed romances with John F. Kennedy, William Holden and Albert Finney

*What made her an icon, and how to apply her style choices to 21st century clothes, makeup and accessories.

*Raising children, trying to raise husbands and making home life balanced in every way.

*How to travel, what to pack and maintaining your cool on the road.

*Long before Angelina and Bono got all the press, Audrey was the first celebrity to use her renown to help others around the world.

*Insight into her rich interior life and the discipline, intelligence and generosity that made her so compelling.

"In an era fraught with selfishness, flamboyance and sensational headlines, Audrey as a role model is precisely what the world needs now."

I couldn’t agree more!

And here’s your chance to get a FREE COPY!

The publishers will be giving away several free copies in an random drawing. To enter the contest, the entrants must send an email that includes their mailing
address to: duttongotham.marketing@us.penguingroup.com and write What Would Audrey Do in the subject line. Contest deadline is May 31, 2008.  Best of luck!

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