Daniel Green Slippers of the 40’s and 50’s

Though from very humble beginnings, Daniel Green slippers are now world renowned for their quality and comfort.  In 1881 Daniel Green, who was a traveling shoe salesman, was shown a pair of shoes made from leftover piano felt.  They were being worn by factory workers at the Doldgeville Felt Mill  to keep their feet warm on cold factory floors.  Mr. Green saw the potential for mass marketing and he and his brother convinced the mill owner to produce them for the shoe trade and the Daniel Green Company was born.

Of course, their slippers have come a long way since then and some of my favorites were made in the 1940s and 1950s.  The glamorous styles went perfectly with the chic dressing gowns, robes and fancy loungewear worn by woman back then.

Below is a Daniel Green ad for satin slippers from the Dec 1947 issue of Ladies Home Journal.

Couldn’t fit the whole ad in my scanner, but the top says “Darling, I love them”.  So now the rest of the text hopefully makes sense!

Daniel Green Slipper ad December 1947

Daniel Green Slipper ad December 1947

Here’s another ad from the December 1950 issue of Ladies Home Journal.

Daniel Green Slipper Ad December 1950

Daniel Green Slipper Ad December 1950

Would love to get my hands on a pair of vintage Daniel Greens, especially like the mules with the red flowers shown above.

But, alas, vintage Daniel Greens like these are hard to come by. Though I did find a couple of really cute vintage pairs for sale.

These are from Retrothreadz on Etsy.-$48.00


Black satin Daniel Green mules

How about these amazing  pink satin boudoir beauties from RetroDress?- $245.00


Rare 40's Daniel Green pink satin mules with blue crepe flower accents

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