Coming Soon-The Mad Men Barbie Doll Collection

Cashing in on  the extreme coolness and popularity of the series, Mattel has licensed the rights to manufacture a collector series of dolls styled after the characters in my favorite television show, Mad Men.  Barbie and Ken are being transformed into Betty and Don Draper , Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway, complete with stylish period correct outfits and accessories, except for the cigarettes and martini glasses. You can read more about the collection on the AMC blog.

Mad Men Barbie Doll Collectors Series due out in July

Mattel's Mid Century Chic Barbie Doll Collection available in July

Now, I usually don’t take kindly to dolls. I think they’re creepy and up to no good.  Think “Chucky”,  “Trilogy of Terror” , “Puppetmaster”, “Child’s Play”.  But I don’t think I’d  have a problem with this group in my home. What’s the worst they could do?  Come alive and raid my liquor cabinet? Have adulterous doll sex on my living room sofa?  Though, if they can get their little hands on a pack of  Lucky Strikes, they may start a fire while smoking in bed.

Also I wonder, after the dolls become available, if we’ll see  a “Draper Dream House” with a vibrating washing machine for Betty and a “Draper Dream Car” for Don to pick up his mistresses.

The Season 3 DVD is out in stores today and includes collectible sketch drawings of the Barbie “Mad Men” dolls.

The dolls, themselves,  will be available this summer, right before the August premiere of season 4,  at for $74.95 a piece.   Though the whole set will set you back $300.00 clams, I’m predicting these will be really hot collectibles that are sure to increase in value.  A much less risky investment than the hedge funds offered by those slick fellas on Wall Street!

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  1. theresa
    theresa March 29, 2010 at 10:00 am

    Tell them to bookmark that barbie collectors site. I’ve already emailed them to see if they were taking pre orders for the dolls. Because I think they’re probably going to sell out quickly. They said they aren’t taking preorders at this time and to keep checking back.

  2. Avatar
    Diana March 28, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    Love it! I have already informed my family what they can get me for my birthday next year. 🙂

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