The Vintage Hairstyling Book-A step by step guide

Recently got a copy of Vintage Hairstyling:Retro Styles with Step by Step Techniques by Lauren Renells.  And let me tell you, if you’re into the elegant classic hairstyles from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, then you have to get this book!

Ms. Rennells is a hair and makeup stylist for the photography and film industry whose passion for hair styles from the past fueled her desire to write this book.

There are 200 pages with 750 beautiful full color photographs of lovely ladies modelling the different hairdos.  Accompanying the photos are the step by step instructions, along with interesting historical hair facts,  makeup tips  and advice on the proper tools and products to use, which are all easily obtained at your nearest beauty supply store.

There are styles for short and longer hair, including techniques for creating  marcel waves, pompadours, victory rolls, all manner of gorgeous updos,  snood styles, pincurls and fingerwaves.

I was especially fascinated over her detailed explanation of  how the angle you roll your curl, whether with a curling iron or hot rollers, actually determines which way the finished curl will lay on the head.   I never knew that, which explains why, when I’ve tried to style my hair on my own, I never seemed to be able to get it just right.  Now I have the secret!

vintage hairstyling

Book cover-Vintage Hairstyling

vintage hairstyles

Finished vintage hair styles

Of course, after reading through this fascinating and informative guide, I was eager to try out one of the styles.   I must admit I ended up doing a  pretty good job for my first try and got lots of compliments on my hair when I went out dancing that night.  The step by step images, which are accompanied by text instructions as well, are very clear and concise, even showing arrows indicating which direction to roll the curl.

vintage hair instructions

Step by step instructions for retro hair styles

A retro hairdo is the ultimate finishing touch needed to complete any vintage look, whether for a vintage themed wedding, prom, swing dance, pinup shoot or just a night on the town!  And if you don’t have the time or inclination to try these  yourself, this book  is also the perfect guide to take to your hairdresser , so he or she can use it to recreate any of these fabulous retro  hairstyles for you.

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