The Nostalgic Appeal of Vintage Gift Sets

During the holiday season you’re bound to see mountains of  gift sets displayed at every department store.   Delicious combinations of fragrances, bath products and beauty creams make for the perfect present of pampering.   Though the  packaging tends to be colorful, feminine and glitzy,  most of them don’t entice me to buy.  But that’s because I much prefer the look of packaging from the past!  I just can’t resist any beauty product that’s boxed up to look like something out of an old apothecary or even a Woolworth’s store in the 1950s.

Check out these vintage holiday gift set ads to see what I mean. They’re adorable!

cheramy gift sets ad

1947 Vintage advertisement-Cheramy Perfumer Gift Sets

Coty Holiday Gift Ad

Coty Holiday Gift Ad-1947

shulton holiday gift ad

1950 Vintage Ad-Shulton Holiday Gift Sets

coty gift set ad

2 page 1950 Vintage Ad-Coty Holiday Gift Sets

See what I mean?  But good luck trying to find any of these original sets,especially  intact and in great condition! So I did a little research to see if I could find any modern gift sets that evoke that same warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling. And here’s what I came up with.   Beautifully packaged in all their vintage girly girl glory!

vintage inspired gift sets

Vintage inspired gift sets

1. Penhalgion Bath and Body  gift sets at Lucky Scents-$60.00

2. Perfect Lil Pinup Pamper Yourself gift set from HH Essentials-$69.00

3. MOR  Cosmetics Pretty in Pink Gift Set at Ron Robinson-$44.00

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