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This ad caught my eye while browsing through a Vogue Magazine from 1947.  It’s for a stackable makeup kit by Jacqueline Cochran Cosmetics called the “Perk Up Stick.”   I was fascinated by the product because I love the idea of a portable little beauty kit that can fit right in your overnight bag or purse.  It includes just enough cleansing cream, foundation, night cream, cream rouge and face powder to last the weekend!    It’s so adorable, and practical,  that I started looking for something modern that can compare, so I could get one for myself.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.

perk up stick makeup jackie cochran

1947-Jacqueline Cochran Perk Up Stick Stakable Makeup Kit

I had never heard of this line of cosmetics, so I did some research into the brand.  Well it turns out  that  Jacqueline Cochran was a heck of a lot more than just the owner of a successful cosmetics company.  So much more, in fact,  that I’m embarrassed to say her name wasn’t familiar to me.

She was also an aviatrix who is considered one of the most talented race pilots of her generation!  Not a small feat for someone who began her flying career in the 1930s, which wasn’t exactly the height of the women’s liberation movement!  And she grew up in extremely disadvantaged circumstances, which makes her accomplishments that much more impressive.   From day one nothing was going to stop this fearless, fiesty female from attaining her goals.

Here’s just a SHORT list of some of her amazing achievements.

1. In 1937  broke the speed record for flight from New York to Miami.
2. Won Bendix Trophy Race in 1938, which is a famous transcontinental race from California to Ohio.
3. In 1939 she set a new international altitude and speed record, and became the first woman to make a blind landing.
4. She received the Clifford Burke Harmon Trophy for most outstanding female flier of the year 15 times!
5. In 1944 the first civilian woman to ever receive a distinguished service medal for organizing and leading the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots.

So she did all this, and more,  while also running her own company.  Holy cow! Makes me feel positively inept.

Anyway,  it completely explains why the text in the ad says “everything you need for a compeltely “fresh face” at a moments notice. Your wings to beauty travels with you.”

So I went a-googling to see if there are any companies who now make something even remotely similar. There are a few that sell stackable mineral makeup like the the ones below from HoneyBee Gardens.  Their little pots of portable,  mineral makeup can be twisted together to travel with you, and used as eyeshadows, eyeliners and blushes.  It’s totally vegan and does not contain any icky chemicals.  Very nice!

honey bee gardens mineral makeup

Honey Bee Gardens Stackable Mineral Makeup

But, because I can’t go anywhere without my lipstick, I was wondering how that could be incorporated into a little beauty stack too.
So another good option is to buy MAC’s Stackable Cosmetic Jars and fill them up with whatever you  need to make yourself gorgeous. You can de-tube your lipstick into one of these little pots. Just don’t forget your lipbrush!

MAC stackable jars

MAC Stackable Cosmetic Jars

If anyone else  is aware of other types of stackable makeups, please be sure to include it in a comment.  Thanks:)

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