Cosmetic Line that Captured Essence of Free Love Era

Do you remember Love Cosmetics with its wild psychedelic packaging and it modern space age (or phallic, depending on where your mind is at!) looking bottles and tubes?  In the latter 60s and early 70s the country was in the full throws of a sexual and counter cultural revolution and love was at its center.   The famous saying of the era was “Make Love, not War.”   The Beatles sang “All you need is Love” and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with.”   It was the era of “Free Love” and the youthquake movement.

love cosmetics packaging 1969

Love Cosmetics packaging 1969

Check out the eyeshadow container shaped like a human eyeball!

Love Cosmetics 1969

Love cosmetics 1969

Products listed in the ad, perhaps you remember using some of these?

1. Eau de Love– The light fragrance you should wear all over.
2. Love’s Fresh Lemon Cleanser-Lemon that makes your hair squeak. Makes martinis shriek. Now makes your face shiny, sparkling clean.
3.Loveshines-They’re the fun sticks to contour and color your eyes, face, all your other kissable little curves and hollows.
4.Love’s Basic Moisture– Is only moisture and what it takes to be quickly absorbed by your skin. No greases. No goos.
5.Love’s a Little Color Is only color. Not a makeup, not a cover. Just an all over glow that lets your skin shine through.
6.Lovesticks– They’re the lipsticks that absolutely, positively won’t darken your mouth. Or stain. Lovesticks leave your mouth shimmering with color that’s always fresh.
7.Love’s Transparent Powder-Really is.  It’s doesn’t change your color, even a tan-only gives a smoother, natural finish to your skin.
8.Love’s a Little Cover-A gentle cover. Just a little bit. For the days you need a little something. Or the nights you want to be really something.
9.Love’s Liner-Comes in only two eye-do colors that are really classy.
10.Love’s Mascara for your fine feathered lashes. Waterproof so you can cry if you want to.
11. Lovelids– They’re glossy eye shadows you fingerpaint on.  Not powdery, but shiny. To put a gleam in your eye.

When Mary Wells, one of advertising’s most influential people in the 1960s, was approached by pharmaceutical manufacturer, Menley and James, to help market their new cosmetics line,  she chose “Love Cosmetics” for its name to capture the essence of the culture at that time. A brilliant marketing strategy ensued, with Mary eventually convincing M&J to choose Ali MacGraw, who was then a photographer’s assistant, to represent the brand.  You may remember her in television commericals for Love Cosmetics with the song “Wear your love like heaven” by Donovan playing in the background.


This is the way love is in 1969

This is the way love is in 1969

From the ad.  “Love today is different than its ever been. It’s freer, more natural, more honest–more out in the open. So are the girls who fall in love these days.”

So you can certainly see why this cosmetic line captured the imagination of trendsetting young women everywhere. It totally embodied the spirit of the swinging sixties and seventies!

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