10 Vintage Inspired DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas

If you’re anything like me and prefer one of kind, unique decorative items instead of all the same old cheap stuff you see in all the box stores, then why not try making some of your own this holiday season? This is a great idea for many reasons, including you get to express your own creativity and personality, recycle/repurpose really cool used or vintage stuff, keeping it out of the landfill and you end up with something  beautiful that will really impress your family and friends!

Below are 10 ideas for  holiday decor incorporating vintage/used elements that you can make at home. I’ve listed them from the easiest to the most labor intensive. Even if some of them look a little too ambitious for you to complete this holiday season, you can always use these ideas to inspire your imagination for other projects that may be a bit less time consuming.

1.  Vintage Ornament Centerpiece

Vintage ornament centerpiece

Vintage ornament centerpiece

Love the  look of this old wooden bowl filled with vintage ornaments, a little bottle brush tree, sprig of evergreen and bead garland.  Eezy peezy to put together, yet will look stunning in a rustic style room.  This and more great ideas at the RustyHinge blog.

2. Bottle Brush Tree Mirrored Tray Centerpiece

bottle brush trees on vintage mirror tray


I absolutely adore vintage bottle brush trees. There are so many fun things you can do with them.  And now you can find them new in a lot of craft stores. There are also  lots of sites, like this one,  on how to dye them different colors.  These cuties are  set up on a vintage mirrored vanity tray.  Again, eezy peezy, but makes for a really impressive holiday centerpiece. From Saturday Finds blog.

3. Bottle Brush Globe Centerpiece

Bottle brush glove centerpiece

Bottle brush glove centerpiece

From  Miss Polly Rogers, how to make a bottle brush globe centerpiece from a thrifted light fixture, candleholder and, of course, a cute little bottle brush tree!  So elegant!

4. Cookie Cutter Tree Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Tree Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Tree Ornaments

You can use real vintage cookie cutters or new. But it’s how you decorate the insides that is the fun, creative part.  Cut outs of old photographs, wrapping paper or even a great way to recycle old Christmas cards!  If you want to get really fancy, you can glue on beads, sequins, lace, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  Project tutorial at Martha Stewart.

5. Vintage Christmas Tablecloth Lampshade

Vintage Christmas tablecloth lampshde

Vintage Christmas tablecloth lampshade

If you have a vintage Christmas tablecloth that has seen better days, don’t throw it away! Cut it to fit a plain lampshade, glue on some groovy pom pom trim, or other trim of your choice, and you’ve got a fab new holiday themed shade and you’ve found a new way to show off that fab vintage print! Cutter tablecloths are also easy to find online or at flea markets.  Tutorial on My So Called Crafty Life.

6. Snow Globes

Hand made Snowglobes

Snow Globes

Old jars of all shapes and sizes can be utilized to make awesome snowglobes like these.  Main ingredients are glitter, glycerin, vintage trinkets, knicknacks, unique found objects and yet again bottle brush trees! For tutorials visit the Surviving The Stores blog.

7.  Vintage Necklace Ornaments

Vintage Necklace Ornaments

Vintage Necklace Ornaments

A great project if you’ve got vintage bead necklaces that have broken, but you can’t bear to toss them out. Vintage  beads are so pretty,   why not repurpose them into beautiful glitzy ornaments?  Find tutorial on the DIY Network.


8. Mid Century Holiday House

Mid century Holiday House

Mid century Holiday House

I am so excited about these! Over on Retro Renovation you can get free patterns for making mid century holiday houses. They even have a tiki hut! Cardboard, paint, your favorite trimmings and some glue and you’ll have a whole village in no time.

9. Vintage Jewelry Holiday Tree

Vintage jewelry holiday tree

Vintage jewelry holiday tree

This stunning silver holiday tree starts out with just a styrofoam cone that you can get at any craft store. Gather up all your old broken jewelry or start collecting it at flea markets and create your own shimmering masterpiece!  Tutorial at the Paris Market.

10. Vintage Jewelry Holiday Wreath

Vintage Jewelry  wreath

Vintage Jewelry wreath

Another way to repurpose old, broken jewelry. Get yourself a styrofoam ring and create a spectacular holiday wreath like the one above.  Photo from All Things Shabby and Beautiful

Hope these photos entice you to whip up something festive and beautiful this season. And why not have a DIY holiday craft party? Invite your girlfriends, have them bring their broken costume jewelry, leftover fabrics and trim, whatever. Many fun containers and bit and bobs of all sorts can be found on the cheap at thrift stores and garage sales. Get out the glue guns, wine and snacks and go crazy!

Do you have any holiday craft ideas you’d like to share?


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