1930s Hollywood Style Non Traditional Wedding Looks

For non-traditional brides who long for a dress that captures the glamorous styles of a bygone era, one of my favorite looks to recommend for classic sophistication are the fashions popularized by 1930s Hollywood.

During the 1930s Hollywood movies provided a means of a escape from the depressing realities of the Great Depression.  You could forget about your financial worries for a couple of hours while watching actors and actresses such as Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and  Nick and Nora Charles living lives filled with glamour, wealth, opulent surroundings, fancy cars and even fancier parties.

Women, in particular, coveted the fashions worn by the movie stars of the day. Without a doubt some of the most glamorous costumes of the century came out of Hollywood in that decade.

The silhouette of the 30s was more body conscious than in the 1920s.  But not in the “in your face” way you see with many  of the fashions popularized by celebrities today.  The bias cut, which characterized the fashion of the 1930s, was introduced by designer Madeleine Vionnet.  And it was that special way of cutting the fabric that allowed for the figure flattering draping over the body that accentuated a woman’s curves in a sensual, yet classy way.

Overall the evening or formal fashions of the 30s were very feminine and lingerie like.  Beside the bias cuts, other hallmarks of fashions from this era were a focus on the waist and back, lots of draping around the neckline,  flared mermaid type hems,  full fluttery sleeves, capes or capelike sleeves.

This iconic look is perfect for a vintage wedding with and “Old Hollywood” theme. The groom can channel his inner Fred Astaire by wearing a top hat and tails!

I’ve included some 30s style outfit photos below to inspire you if you are considering a vintage themed wedding. We carry these dresses in our online boutique. All very budget friendly, and great quality for the price!

30s style beaded gold tulle lace gown

                      30s style beaded gold tulle lace gown 275.00

Sequined Champagne Lace gown

                                 Sequined Champagne Lace gown  110.00

Champagne chiffon and lace draped flutter sleeve gown

           Champagne chiffon and lace draped flutter sleeve gown 259.00

1930s Style Lace Gown with Capelet

                              1930s Style Lace Gown with Capelet 279.00

All the accessories can be found on the site as well.

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