Jessica of Chronically Vintage Blog Needs Our Help-Home Destroyed by Fire


I just found out about the devastating fire that engulfed fellow blogger, Jessica Cangiano’s home.  I’ve know this lovely woman for many years and she is one of the sweetest gals I’ve met in the blogging community.  Her Chronically Vintage blog is a major source of delight for vintage lovers everywhere!


Allegedly an 18 year old girl, who was having a domestic dispute with her Mom, set her own house on fire, which quickly spread to the all the homes nearby, including Jessica’s.  Jessica, her husband, Tony and their dog Annie were able to escape. But unfortunately they lost their kitty, Stella.
And they lost every single one of their possessions, which means both their businesses have also been destroyed as well. Jessica lost all her inventory from her Esty shop and her massive collection of vintage clothing and other collectibles.  To say it was a tragic loss is an understatement.

My heart is truly breaking for this family as they have been left with nothing. I can’t even imagine how horrified they must be.


Little Annie


RIP sweet Stella


I hope Jessica doesn’t mind I’ve borrowed photos from her site. But I wanted to get the word out about this. I never solicit readers on my blog, but I feel this is a very special circumstance. The holidays are coming and perhaps many of your already donate to some favorite causes. Well, this year maybe you can put aside a few dollars to help the Cangiano’s get back on their feet. At least you know the full donation is going directly to them.

Check out HelpingTheCangianos  a Facebook page with information on different ways you can help, whether it be money,   things for their home, dog food, etc.

And please share this post to let others know!


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