Fashion Flashback- 1927 Fall Winter Style and Beauty Trends


While I was on my buying trip this summer I happened upon this fantastic November 1927 Ladies Home Journal at in antique mall in, ummm,  I think North Carolina.  Hard to remember since I’ve been all over the place the last few months. Anyway,  it’s not often you find vintage magazines of this age, especially in decent condition. So I was very excited when I discovered it, especially because it was bargain at $8.50!

Not only do I love the fashion illustrations, but the articles are also interesting and very entertaining. In this issue there is an article called “Young Women and Crime.”  And it’s about the increase in young women shoplifting in order to keep up with the new fashion trends, and also the wild and crazy flappers who troll the speakeasies looking to hook up with gangsters and bootleggers in order to get expensive gifts of jewelry, furs and clothes.  So apparently it was a growing social problem back then, mostly attributed to more women living away from home and working in offices. Supposedly, because they were no longer under their parents supervision,  they were getting in trouble! It was a fascinating read.

And then there is the artwork. The art deco fonts and graphics are gorgeous.  Back then you didn’t see many fashion editorial spreads with photographs of live models. So  many of the current fashions were beautifully illustrated instead.


Looking at these pictures, there are many styles that I would happily wear today.
The silhouettes are flattering for many different figures.

Dress illustrations 1927

Fashion illustration 1927

Dress fashion illustration 1927

day fashion illustration 1927


day dresses fashion illustration 1927

Fashion dresses illustration 1927

fashion illustration ladies home journal 1927

I love these “Zippers” by Goodrich. Rubber shoes to wear over your shoes to protect them from the elements.
Not quite as lucrative as the tire business, I’m sure. But adorable nonetheless!

Goodrich boots 1927

Goodrich zipper boots 1927

This Charis corset promises to “Bring the lines of her figure into pleasing conformity with the demands of fashion.”

And “A glance at the illustration will show how the curved belt fits under the vital organs supporting them
comfortably and naturally.”

So no organ crushing. What a relief!

Charis corset 1927

Carter’s Underwear endorsed by the House of Worth.

Carter's underwear 1927
I love this Profile hosiery illustration showing that assymetrical fringe hemline.

Phoenix hosiery 1927

Holeproof hosiery? If there really was, then why don’t we still have it?

Lucille Paris holeproof hosiery 1927

Arch Rest shoes ad promises if you wear their heels
“Aches, pains and throbs which have so often spoiled your day or evening are things of the past.”
I’ll take a dozen pair please!

Arch rest shoes 1927

Did you know Cutex polish was made even back in the 1920s? Me either!

Cutex polish 1927


Frostilla, to make your chapped hands limber, lithe, supple and smooth.
Because “everyone hates the horny, corrugated kind.”


When I hear the words horny and corrugated used in the same sentence, I envision a lecherous old geezer,
not chapped hands.
But, hey, that’s just me.

Frostilla hand lotion ad 1927

Ad for Houbigant, one of the oldest perfumers in the World.
Isn’t that Buddha shaped bottle of their  Subtilite fragrance fabulous ?
It sits in a little red and black shrine and is made of baccarat crystal.
You can see it in color here.

Houbigant perfume ad 1927

“To make the most of your natural charms.” Pompeian Beauty Powder and Bloom (rouge)
“Not blonde? Not brunette? Then you’re the type to use Nude.” Whatever the heck that means.
And I find it interesting they named their face powder after a city that is
known for being buried under volcanic ash.

Pompeiian beauty powder ad 1927

Pinaud’s Eau De Quinine Hair Tonic, the antedote to Hat Head!

You can still find it today. Though it is marketed as a men’s product under the Clubman Line of toiletries.
And many online reviewers swear by it.  Supposed to help with circulation, hair loss, manageability, etc.

Pineauds Quinine for hair 1927

“If you care for your skin according to the scientific method of Elizabeth Arden, you will have no need of
artifice to make it look clear, fine and smooth.”

And Ms. Arden went on to build a cosmetics empire based on this premise.

Elizabeth Arden ad 1927

Hope you enjoyed my little fashion and beauty flashback to the 1920s!

Have a glamorous day.






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  1. Theresa Campbell
    Theresa Campbell November 14, 2016 at 11:15 am

    Thanks Liz. Glad you enjoyed. I just love those old fashion illustrations. And the articles are way more fun to read than history books!

  2. Avatar
    Liz November 14, 2016 at 11:07 am

    Oh my goodness!!! This is quite a find! I am loving every single image you shared, stunning and a fantastic piece of history. Great post 🙂

  3. Theresa Campbell
    Theresa Campbell November 7, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    I’m still reading the article about young women and crime. And let me tell ya, it is pretty funny. Agree on the horror movie. Attack of the Horny and Corrugated Hands. Their death grip will claw their way into your nightmares!

  4. Avatar
    Suzanne November 7, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    This was a blast! I’ve also come across a couple of these and it was a scream reading it. Funny how there was always someone marketing to our vanity.

    Horny and corrugated hands??? Ha ha! That sounds like something out of a horror movie.


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