New Arrivals + Easy Way to Post Photos from Desktop PC to Instagram

Blue Velvet Vintage New Arrivals

These are some of the most recent pieces of authentic vintage clothing I’ve added to the website. Cute dresses and skirts that are perfect for summer along with a classic nautical inspired cardigan.

More information on the new vintage goodies is included below, plus step by step instructions for an easy way to add photos to Instagram right from your PC using the Chrome Browser.  If you have images on your PC’s hard drive that you wish you could put on IG, then this is a simple way to make that happen.

But first off, a little about these cuties I just added.

50s Jery Gilden Watercolor Floral Full Skirt Dress

I love Jerry Gilden dresses. They’re feminine and often made in really pretty floral prints.
You can read all about this label here.
1950s Blue Watercolor Floral Jerry Gilden  ruched bodice dress.
38bust/28waist Find it here.

40s Floral Print Summer Dress

Totally girly 40s lace trimmed floral dress in cool, lightweight cotton batiste.
34bust/26 waist. Find it here.

1950s gingham check shirtwaist dress

Nothing says summer like gingham! And I love the portrait collar on this 60s
black and white check double breasted shirtwaist dress.
40bust/34waist Find it here.

vintage skirts



1. 1970s Mod Print open front wrap skirt 26″ waist
2. 70s Strawberry print wrap skirt 28″ waist
3. 1960s black and white floral full skirt 28″ waist
4. 70s Batik floral skirt up to 30″ waist

And last, but not least.

This 80s nautical inspired cardigan would be great for cooler summer nights., or wearing somewhere with frigid AC! acrylic/cotton blend L/XL size.80s navy nautical inspired cardigan

Ok, so now, what do these latest listings have to do with Instagram posting? Well, when planning to add these “new arrivals” to my phone for future Instagram posts, I started to wonder if there was an easier way to get the photos from my desktop to my phone.

My usual way is to take the USB cable that plugs into my charger and plug it into my computer instead. Then proceed to copy and paste , or drag and drop, the image file into my phone’s gallery.

That might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes I just don’t have the USB cord handy. And, even if it is, I’ve got to plug it in,  wait for the phone and PC to  talk to each other, then search for the image on my hard drive, etc, etc, etc.

That is until I found this super helpful tip from social media expert, Louse Meyers  for a way to add photos to Instagram directly from your desktop PC or laptop.

And, let’s face it, just like your wardrobe, when it comes to technology, it’s always good to have options!


adding photos to Instagram from PC

•Open a tab in Chrome and go to You have to be logged into your account.
•In the drop down box click on More Tools, then Developer.
•You will see an image similar to above, with all the coding for the page on the right. Just ignore that.
•Click on the rectangular icon on the left to get the responsive view.  This will show you what Instagram looks like on your phone.
•Then over on the far left, where it says responsive, click that to get another drop down menu where you pick a mobile device, any mobile device will do.
•Once you do that, you’ll be able to  click on the camera icon and upload photos right from your desktop. You can add your captions and hashtags as well. EZ-Peezy!

So if you’re an avid Instagrammer, give it a try.

Till next time,


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  1. Theresa Campbell
    Theresa Campbell June 20, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    If it had fit around my hips I would have kept it. The print is fab. Because it is open all the way to the waist, it really needs to be worn over something. Or maybe not if you’re really really daring!

    Not sure about this trick with a Mac. You could try it. As long as you have Chrome browser installed, it might work.

  2. Avatar
    Suzanne June 20, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Oooh…that 1970s maxi skirt is darn tempting!

    So much loveliness to choose from.

    I wonder if that also works from a Mac.


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