Fashion Trend Flashback-Spring 1969

Mainbocher maxi skirt over pants Spring 1969

While there are gazillions of articles out there on the hottest  fashion trends, I’m always interested in looking at what styles were in vogue decades ago. Not only do I often prefer the actual vintage styles, but I also like to refer to past looks for outfit ideas when shopping for new clothing. It never matters to me whether something is trendy at the moment. If I put together an outfit and I like it, then I wear it.   The days of caring whether people thought I was “in fashion” are long gone.  And I find that having this open mind about dressing myself creates more opportunities to expand my outfit choices.

But I do appreciate that past fashion gets re-interpreted constantly. That just ensures I’m able to find new versions of styles I like, in case I can’t find the originals!

For this post I’ve included some of my favorite outfits that were featured in the April 1969 issue of Vogue Magazine.  Many of these looks are timeless and would incorporate very well into a modern wardrobe.

Dresses or skirts over  pants-I’ve seen lots of dresses or skirts  worn over pants in the past few years. But most of them show  skinny jeans or leggings underneath. I’m really liking the idea of an open front skirt or dress worn over high waisted wider leg pants.

Mainbocher coat dress over pants April Vogue 69

Mainbocher coat dress over pants

I think this adorable German fashion blogger,  Rina, did a great job of putting together the pants with dress look. Am going to have to experiment with this at some point.

Pants over dress-Darling-Rina

Checks– Personally, I feel the more the merrier when it comes to checks and plaids. Below are examples of the trend back in 69.

This maxi dress by Mainbocher is done in a houndstooth chiffon with matching ruffled wrap. It’s not often you see a checkered pattern on a dressier fabric.

Mainbocher check organza evening dress

Mainbocher check organza evening dress


Windowpane check pantsuit by Oscar de la Renta and a Leslie Fay red gingham check shirt dress. I really like the idea of layering a chain belt over a scarf tied at the waist.

checkered fashion 1969


A cute gingham shirtdress I found online. But I’d probably wear it as a tunic top.

Gingham shirtdress


Authentic 60s houndstooth check dress. Large. From MadLex Vintage

Black and white floral print 60s dress

Palazzo pants- Here are a couple of fabulous versions of palazzo pants from 1969. Love the mod floral prints on both and would wear either one of these outfits. Wide leg pants have been popular for a few seasons now.  They can be difficult to pull off if you’re on the shorter side. Trick is to find them in light, drapey fabrics and wear heels to elongate the leg.

Mod print palazzo pant set-B Altman Vogue April 1969

Mod print palazzo pant set

Vargas jumpsuit and cape-Vogue April 1969

Vargas jumpsuit and cape

A new version of the palazzo pant look-2 piece set from LuLu’s

Palazzo pant suit

An authentic 60s psychedelic print palazzo jumpsuit from Lotus Vintage. Size Small

60s psychedelic palazzo jumpsuit

Fringe-Love all these 60s versions, even the midriff baring ones that I know I wouldn’t dare to wear now! A top similar to that long sleeved one in the middle would work though.

Fringed skirt by Michael Mort for Paraphernelia

Fringed skirt by Michael Mort for Paraphernelia

Fringed tops

Fringed tops

  Something like this one from Revolve Clothing.

Black fringed top



Black and white- The mod fashions of the 60s were a perfect canvas for bold graphic prints.  I love this black and white daisy and zebra stripe print, along with the flattering style of the dress itself.

Daisy and zebra striped dress by Murry Neiman for Hannah Troy

Daisy and zebra striped dress by Murray Neiman for Hannah Troy


Some authentic vintage 60s black and white print dresses I found on Etsy.


Black and white mod vintage dresses

Left to right-
60s trumpet sleeve floral print minidress. Size Small.  Available at Denisebrain

60s psychedelic floral maxi dress-Medium.  From GoldenBoy Vintage

60s mod print minidress. M/L. From SeekCollect


Sheer- No matter what the decade, sheer fashions have always been popular. And no matter what your age, there is always a way to rock a sheer look.

Sheer black organza tiered jumpsuit by Kasper for Joan Leslie

Sheer black organza tiered jumpsuit by Kasper for Joan Leslie

Tulle and floral applique jumpsuit by Donald Brooks

Tulle and floral applique jumpsuit by Donald Brooks

Sheer chiffon pants by Einor Simmons for Malcolm Starr

Sheer chiffon pants and beaded midriff top. Elinor Simmons for Malcom Starr.

This chiffon jumpsuit is a great way to add some sheer without baring everything!

Green chiffon jumpsuit

A sheer maxi skirt like this could be layered over tights or leggings. For summer you could layer a long sleeveless tunic over it and go with bare legs.

Sheer Maxi Skirt


Or layer a sheer floral print tunic over a tank top and leggings.

sheer floral print tunic


Which one of these looks would you try for yourself?

Till next time……

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  1. Theresa Campbell
    Theresa Campbell April 11, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Ha! As soon as I saw the pix of those two outfits in the magazine I immediately thought of you. And you are so right. The new fast fashion reinterpretations of past styles really can’t compare to the originals when it comes to quality.

  2. Avatar
    Vix April 11, 2018 at 10:13 am

    The Vargas jumpsuit and the B Altman trouser suit need to be in my wardrobe.
    They always say that if a designer is all out of ideas they get a fashion magazine from 20 years ago and rehash the styles, don’t they? Sadly, although fashions come and go the quality (unless you’re buying couture) rarely matches the original. Vintage is ALWAYS best! xxx

  3. Theresa Campbell
    Theresa Campbell April 10, 2018 at 11:37 am

    I love that first one too. Fashion does keep repeating itself, but I almost always like the earlier renditions of a trend rather than the new.

  4. Avatar
    Suzanne April 10, 2018 at 10:33 am

    You found some great vintage fashion magazine images here! I liked all of them. The first photo is my fav. So dramatic!

    It is very true that style just keeps coming back around.


  5. Theresa Campbell
    Theresa Campbell April 9, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    Yes, Ann, I totally know what you mean. Half the time I have no clue what’s “in style”. Just buy and wear what I like. Psychedelic palazzos are not for everyone. Though I admire the prints immensely, not sure I could pull them off myself. That’s fantastic you have a houndstooth check dress in your closet. Good for you 🙂

  6. Avatar
    Ann April 9, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Love those vintage fashion images! And most of them can be translated to today’s fashions – not that I know what’s on trend right now, as I’m a vintage girl at heart. I’d love to try a psychedelic palazzo jumpsuit, but I’m not sure that will work for me. The hounds-tooth check dress is a style I have in my wardrobe. xxx

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